Is says this but I got wifi connection

I still can play and watch YouTube

What’s wrong?
I even go to where my WiFi connection is strong still got that pop up.
Update: only Washington not affected, while Innsbruck, Bari and Prague has this is there to fix this?


I got the same. I’m really confused. Started happening today, if there was no connection we would not be in the game.

The same with me, at INN and MCT. Did not try out other airports. Very strange…

Same happens to me with MCT. It must be a server side problem.

I’ve only played BRI and MCT today. And I got the message at both airports

Ii have the same message

Me too. I played muscat and I saw the same message when i start

I guess it is fixed now.

Just checked. Still have the message!

No for me no

It might be just me but I feel like this is a problem that is to do with androids (and the server for androids, if there is one). ‘Cause I have never seen this notification before and am on iOS (been into just about every airport too).

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This did not effect my IAD,SAN and NGO. What about you guys? Did it effect you at those airports???

@carlsberg72 so you have any idea why this is happening?

I won’t worry about it.

It doesn’t affect gameplay or saving.

It eventually connects

But its annoying.

Sorry I don’t. I’ve not been having the issue and I’ve. Not heard anything on a resolution

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It’s seems to be only Android. Hope it gets fixed soon

Fix coming In the next update

When is the next update we are all waiting for the fix

Soon tm