Leipzig airport has been confirmed to be the next airport

It’s happening, LEJ airport will be next playable airport, IN DEVELOPEMENT - Community feedback | Product Roadmap


Yeah they been saying that for over a year

What do you mean by over a year? LEJ was only teased and announced recently.


Your confusing me.

Reaper always confuses everyone, I remember nothing of a Leipzig leak

I guess there is some confusion as to what I say sometimes and I now got the laddie’s blow’n up my private message’s about this, and that and posts on the big board but hey don’t worry, I’m not fret’n though! West coasters can be hard to follow! As far as I know the last real update was about a year ago and many conversations talked about since then about what’s coming next. I think what I said above is it’s about time for a real update not directly stating anything about LEJ per se’ as I have said in the past that I believe this is a poor decision for a playable airport seeing that it’s only Germany’s 11th largest airport and another short hop airport in a overcrowded market, and such and such saying they can build a in game airport in two months but hey then again the European’s are running the show here.

Well LEJ is not something I would dream of, but the firm(WOA) are located in Czech Republic as far as I understand, maybe most of the downloads are located in the European zone? The new Berlin airport would be much more fun or Frankfurt/Munich.
All I can say is that the Eurozone/Schengen got a very unique market, with the free movement of goods and services. “Meeting in Frankfurt in the morning, lunch in Paris and dinner in Milan” In Asia where I lived for some years: visas, and landing cards was disrupting the smooth flow. IDK WOA´s business plan, but I would love more big East Asian airports and more eurozone airports. I guess funding is key for more worldwide airports?

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From IG


Let’s hope that landing will take place on the Southern runway. Shorter taxiways :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I guess both runways will have landing and takeoff system

Yeah. Home sweet home

Didn’t the developers confirm both runways will be arrivals and departures?

In #ask the developers on Discord Server, someone has asked about making BOTH runways in IAD and in MCT available for Arrivals/Departures, I believe that someone has said that its not possible atm.

But that’s IAD, LEJ is a brilliant opportunity to trial a new system.


Have the developers modelled the IL-18 which sits between the passenger terminal and the airports railway station?

Is that a real developer in the pic?!

No it’s a paid actor
what do you think


Don’t be cruel - lowest form of whit!
Seriously tho - on a tangent, I would love to be able to watch a video of how they build / script.
I do basic scripting in my job but this whole concept of how they create this game blows my mind

It’s built on the Unity software code base if that helps. But the level of coding not only to build the individual items, but the camera views, the pathing logic to and from gates, the algorithms for spawning new planes and all the other elements to the game, it’s impressive. Sadly also creates lots of bugs which is frustrating for many.

By the way, I believe I know which dev is in the picture, also interesting he’s working on pathing logic as recently he’s been working on new liveries

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