Leipzig airport has been confirmed to be the next airport

Cruel? Have you never been told that yourself, I get something told to me like that all the time if it’s a stupid question?

Was tongue in cheek, hence starting the next line with ‘seriously tho’ :+1:

Let’s hope there will be a better price adjustments accordingly, and loading unloading time adjustments also

Darn I was hoping it was a real dev

It was, I just didn’t say which one :slight_smile:

It’s good to see the Euro laddies, maybe a hunt’n and peck’n video is in the works. :smiley:

did you think I was serious

Some “Johnneytheherd”, had a statement that I find disrespectful and politically. It was deleted i can see it popped on my email. Hope it was the last time we see such statement on the forum. Thank you all to keep a good tone. And I want to thank the admin, for clearing it. :relaxed:

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The left screen shows the complete Area of DHL with Airlines like DHL, AEROLOGIC, KALITTA AIR, Altas Air, Polar Air, CYGNUS AIR and the right screen shows the terminal section


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It looks so great :heart_eyes:


Will we have 2-4 cargo starting stands to start with instead of pax?

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:star_struck:SaxonianAirlines is very excited!

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I’m also exited, I can count 51 stands!

The big question is how many stands can be filled concurrently. IAD has many M stands but I have never filled them all due to game constraints.

If you build a big enough fleet then you can fill them.
Hopefully the dual runways will help also (although I guess it could hinder at the same time).
Looks great tho, not only a new airport but opens up new routes from all existing airports as well!

I had big fleets. But the interval between arriving planes, the limited number of “services”, just to name a few problems, prevented me from filling them all. When I left all my planes at the gates it did fill up. But in my opinion is that not the intention of the game.


I have found the same thing.

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I’ve never ran into a not having enough airplanes to fill all of the unlocked slots except at SAN and MCT due too not being able to get multiples at these two airports. The interface for all airports still has its kinks that need to be ironed out. In addition too what is said priorly hopefully the dev’s will roll out personal plane stands in the near future so a player can have a large fleet and handle other airlines at the same time.

Update: Finally got multiples at MCT

That’s a terrific idea.
As a major player at MCT with a huge fleet, it would be great to have dedicated gates or Terminal for my own fleet as they arrive so I can concentrate on generic arrivals.