LHR Pre-Release Discussion

So, just a few questions for anyone who knows more about this airport than I do? It sounds like a great airport to add.

  1. What’s the general airport setup? It’s a large two-runway airport, but how many terminals, gates (pax and cargo) does it have, etc.
  2. What are some unique features that could be added in game? Or perhaps new liveries and destinations that could be added?

I suppose this could also be for suggestions and speculation.

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4 terminals, ranging from 2 to 5, with Terminal 5 being split into 5A, 5B and 5C. T1 was closed in 2015.

Concorde G-BOAB can be added as a static aircraft near the BA Hangars, and there’s a variety of hotels around the airport offering good views for spotters, Premier Inn on Bath Road, Renaissance Hotel (there’s an aviation model shop next door, and a little viewing platform in the car park next to it!) and the Thistle which has a viewing deck.

That’s quite a few, looks like at least 100 gates on maps. Definitely a dream for L/X planes.

Official count is 124 + cargo. With the majority being at least L capable and plenty have X capability for the 388

I believe the count is
24 in terminal 2
28 in terminal 3
22 in terminal 4
And 50 total in terminal 5

Cargo I put at around 15 but that’s a guess. Expect 27 as the direction as that’s the standard set up day to day and while LHR uses a swap runway scenario at certain times of the day I can see an LEJ type set up with 27R being used for 2,3 and 5 and 27L for 4 and cargo, that’s just a guess on my part but would not be surprised


What does it mean?

If on 27L and 27R, at around 15:00, the runways will switch. For example if 27R is departures in the morning, it will be landings on 27R from 15:00 onwards.

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Thanks for the explanation.
That’s interesting if that’s how it works in the game.

I don’t think the game will actually set up that way, at least initially. I know long term the devs want to implement changing runway configurations but that requires a huge code change to the game and I don’t think they are ready to tackle that yet.
Game will likely work with the 27 direction, but as I said I think it will work similar to LEJ in terms of how the runways are to be used


check in infinite flight

Exactly. We cannot miss such noble spotting point. And yes. I can say that we can expect rather something like at IAD. Southern rwy landings, northern takeoffs.


The des should have just waited and surprised us at the las second with this airport because looking at this airport makes me so exited I can’t even hold myself. And its just killing me to think about the fact that this is still a couple months away :smiling_face_with_tear:


I don’t think it’s a couple months, i bet only one

hopefully. From what I heard, its coming at around Christmas break. So I expect December 23-30.

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I expect the update will be finished by the 24th and be released on Christmas day, the same as LEJ.

A new route that could be added is air Canada 738M from Halifax. The reason why I am pointing this out is because in the game, you usually cant get a transatlantic M contract, and this one is a real route. If there is other transatlantic M contracts pls tell me because I have not seen any.
Thus is what a Air Canada 738M at LHR looks like
Air Canada 737-8 MAX C-FTJV | Air Canada 737-8 MAX Reg: C-FT… | Flickr


United use to send 757s between IAD and LHR on UA123, but I think it’s since been stopped as all recent flights on UA123 use a 767

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when I said you can’t usually get them I meant in the game. Irl there is flights like air transat a321LR from toronto to madrid or westjet 738M from calgary to gatwick. Or united 753 to lisbon. But you don’t see any contract offers like that in the game, which is why I suggested the halifax route specifically

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Well I’ve not yet seen a transatlantic passenger 757 contract to anywhere other than DUB or KEF