LHR Pre-Release Discussion

True, but if someone wanted to make their airport up to date or realistic I guess that wouldn’t really work.

It’s better than nothing as a starting point, but I can personally see it being a few domestic contracts using BA A319s/320s


I expect the same plus a few BAE146s from MAN, EDI and GLA.

I think the first gates that will be unlocked will be a couple of remote S/M stands.

At LHR are we going to get more than one(Myrtle Ave already confirmed) planespotting location? An example of one could be the T4 observation “deck”(although its indoors), or the Hatton Cross pedestrian bridge. Also, will we get terminal camera angles like we are getting with the BRI rework?

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I have a few questions…

Soon will there be the ability to change the frequency of flights because in real life Emirates sends 8 a380’s a day to lhr but in the game you can only purchase 1 max(2 if they bring back the old Emirates a380 livery). So I know this can tie into the “new game features” category but can we please get the ability to purchase a contract as many times as we want?

And also, the devs told me in an email that the 744RR will be added with lhr release which means we are getting BA 744. The thing is a bunch of these aircraft were painted in the oneworld livery and they were a pretty common sight to see. When I went in 2019 I remember I saw 4 landing in the hour that we were there. However, the way the event system works, we can only get alliance livery via events which only come once every couple of days. So could there be an option to have the oneworld livery as a contract option. This will also help with the whole frequency thing I was talking about earlier.

If m stands are unlocked at start then that means more handling crew at start right?

Wouldn’t need Flybe tbh well i won’t be using them, as i can see the BA BAe 146 being one of the small aircraft, they could also add KLM EMB 175 as some have visited LHR before and I hope Loganair is added, question is should they do Loganair Saab 340.

Can’t remember which airport it is but I’m sure it has more then one Emirates A380 contract.

If we getting BA B744 then that’s good though I’m sort use to not seeing them at Heathrow now :sweat_smile:

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To add to the contract opinion

I think it would be handier if the game had a “real mode” that would include slot times and the game actually running on a 24 hour time frame. I do feel that in this mode, you could buy a contract for the route but then you can assign an aircraft initially but be able to upgrade (at a cost) or buy additional slots for your flights. That way you can have more flights come in for the same airline/route.




There is actually an exception to this rule, the Finnair E190 in the oneworld livery, so following the logic with those contracts the 747 should be a regular sight if added

Oh wait forgot about that one. I have that at bari.

I expect you’re right and I suspect it is either the ones on the south side of T5 or the ones in between T5C and T3, where T5D could possibly sit in the future

I just thought, the a320 remodel would go well with LHR, with the amount of British a320s plus the jetblue A321NEO service from JFK (I think thats the route), it would work very well

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B6 flies JFK and BOS to LHR :slight_smile:

And to Amsterdam and Paris from both. The trouble with those is that they are the LR variant so I would imagine we don’t get those routes unless we get the LR and if they go that in-depth that would be very nice but VERY surprising to me

Well they already went to the neo with the 319, so maybe they will do the LR and the XLR in the future. LR is getting some traction not only with B6 but others. EDI, DUB and potentially LIS coming next.


no madrid barcelona or alicante? i think devs said we will get kai tak too

A lot of mainland Europe airlines fly the A320NEO into LHR, Even KLM who soon to be replacing their B737s with NEOs.

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