Long term idea: Airport from scratch

I don’t know if it’s possible but it would be really cool to have a possibility to build an airport from the very beginning to use your own creativity a bit more and have the options of changing your airport.

It could be the Haugland Airport where you start with just one main terminal building and e.g. 2 runways (4 would be even cooler) and loads of empty space. There should be designated areas for future terminals and stands (so that paths for taxiing are pre-defined) but the user should have the option to create terminals as they like. So you can create e.g. an all cargo airport or just an airport with S & M stands. If you’re tired of the way your airport works you can tear down one of your old terminals and build a new one for another category. Maybe it would be also possible to pimp your terminal. This can be for your own design purpose or to attract new airlines that demand certain features.

Since this might be a lot of work I don’t need it soon, but it would be cool to wait for it


Sounds cool, If I’m not mistaken this was the original plan for the game, when the indigogo was open. Hopefully the idea is still in the planning, as mobile is yet to have a game where we make an airport from nothing. Personally I’d also like to build things within the terminals such as shops and lounges!


Great idea! Don’t forget to place this into the feedback area.

This game already heatens my phone with all it’s details. I think shops inside the terminals would melt it away. But I could imagine it as an extra income without visible shops.

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You have a fair point there, my iPad crashes after so long at NGO in particular. However, with extra income we do resume the problem of players having way to much money. Unless it would boost ratings allowing more notable higher rated airlines to be unlocked

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I talked about this a while back back in Febuary. Check it out: Custom Airports
Another user also talked about it but I don’t remember where it is.
I also agree with @SomeGuy98345 about the fact it can heat up phones. I also think our airports In game currently we can hire Ground Crew Services (D’NATA, menaces Aviation etc…)

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I think that it was me:


I will, just wanted to check the reactions of the more active players and devs in here :wink:


I’d play it. Sounds like a good idea.