Maintenance question


i need clear answer on maintenance because i probably do not understand patch notes correctly.

For example i take A380.

First cycle: (in game chart from hangar)

A - 56 404 nm, cost 44 500 W
B - 141 011 nm, cost 111 250 W
C - 366 629 nm, cost 289 250 W
D - 564 044 nm, cost 445 000 W

This should be pretty clear for everyone but in changelog was a sentence like “Plane will be srapped after second cycle”

And finally my question is: After finishing FIRST cycle (564 044 nm) we will do THE SAME cycle one more time and after the end of the second life cycle, the plane is finally scrapped?.

Feel like a idiot but i really want to know this :slight_smile:


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