Question about maintenance

First of all thanks for the maintenance feature. I think it’s a great tool to balance the economy of WoA a bit more, especially for powerplayers.

The thing I don’t understand so far is what happens when aircraft reach their maintenance cycle? Will they be send to maintenance automatically or do we have to send them? Will there be a progress bar that shows how long it will take until you can get your aircraft back into service?

Btw the idea with the distance in the aircraft bar card is nice but I think the bar got overloaded by it, or do we have to calculate ourselves if we can send an aircraft or if we have to send them for maintenance?


We have lots of baby cries on FB fanpage… idea was to scrap it (it already earned 20x its initial value).

But Facebook rage was ON. so currently it goes in cricle which i think is stupid because people ask for realism then they complain about “lost planes”.

It flies to factory when time comes then its back ready for action - at this time you can not send it anywhere else but for maintenance - easy to figure out.



i need clear answer on maintenance because i probably do not understand patch notes correctly.

For example i take A380.

First cycle: (in game chart from hangar)

A - 56 404 nm, cost 44 500 W
B - 141 011 nm, cost 111 250 W
C - 366 629 nm, cost 289 250 W
D - 564 044 nm, cost 445 000 W

This should be pretty clear for everyone but in changelog was a sentence like “Plane will be srapped after second cycle”

And finally my question is: After finishing FIRST cycle (564 044 nm) we will do THE SAME cycle one more time and after the end of the second life cycle, the plane is finally scrapped?.

Feel like a idiot but i really want to know this :slight_smile:



Hi Guys,

I can’t answer the questions above, but I have another one:

I like the idea of the maintenance very much, but can anyone tell me one reason why I should ever perform a D-Check?

The D-check is as expensive as a new plane and for the check I have to send the plane in factory. So all in all the plane is not available for a while and I have to invest the same money I can buy a new plane for.

If I sell the plane instead and buy a new one I can directly start all over again and have a brand new plane in my fleet.

Please tell me if I am wrong but in my opinion it is not realistic to have the same price for a new plane and a D-Check.

My suggestion: slightly higher prices for a, b, c checks and a little cheaper price for a D check. So the overall costs are the same but it needs to be cheaper keeping an older plane than buying a brand new one.

Thanks for your feedback and greetings from Australia!

That is how it works here. Additionaly some players complaining that planes have to be send to Nevada desert after 2 D maintenances…

They are asking for realismy then again realism is bad.

D is expensive yes - in a meantime plane already earned 10x its value so all in all you can not loose money.

Note on income for player desitnations its WAY HIGHER than it was prior to maintenance is in place (IAD-SYD) is 67k.

Money wise it is ok.

And for now - planes do not have to go to plane graveyard because community (or at least noisy ones on FB fanpage) doesnt support that - they love to have their fleet of 300 planes that fly forever.

I do hope it will eventually change at some point.



thanks for the answer. I am not complaining about the costs itself I am just saying that there is really no reason to perform a D-Check at all because it is more cost/time consuming than buying a new one…

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I never said you are complaining (people on FB does).

With original idea (plane has to go to Nevada desert) in order to maximize income you should use it till 2nd D-maintenance to reach income cap before its junk piece of metal or composite.

Currently well - you can use it forever - after first D the value of plane (if you want to sell it) is 0 gold planes so it may be worth to sell it before or keep it longer as it will earn a lot anyway.

It may change when 2nd hand planes market will be in game but i would not count on that to happen anytime soon as this seems to be super complexed.

Again to me whole idea is a bit falling apart with endless possibility of plane use.

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All right I understand the problem, but still if you think about the numbers only: With the current cost structure every plane is a “total damage” once a D-check needs to be done.

Why should I invest 445.000$ for a plane with a value of 0 goldies if I get a plane with a value of 16 goldies for the same price?

So in the moment it doesn’t matter how many circles are possible with a plane, because after the first life circle buying a new plane is cheaper.

I will wreck all my planes before doing the D check, but I think this logic must be changed in phase B. :wink:



There is constant process of changes going on for everythign. Will put that on the table for discussion with rest of the team.

Actually there is another concept with “Hall of fame” for planes that reach its end.

Maintenance plan could be A-B-C-D (where D increase sell value a little as it is thorough maintenance) then A-B-C-SCRAP.

If one does not want to scrap a plane - it can be “deactivated” and lands in special hangar new feature called “Hall of fame”.

All details for that plane will be shown there (milage / income / number of rotations per destination). It can not fly anymore but it is never lost for “plane collectors”.


For the people on FB they have 300 planes which in 1 round they probably make enough money to buy a lot of those again once they get to their point of no return. I don’t get why they are complaining.

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:joy:facebook :joy:


is it on purpose that A380s need way less mileage (56000nm) than other L & XL aircraft (around 75000nm) until they reach their A-check?

I noticed that too…

It is explained in the changelog:

  • Every plane’s life cycle ends up when 1000% of its initial value is earned
  • that is translated to milage (NM)

So you earn more per flight with the a380, that is why you have a lower mileage to receive 1000% revenue. A check comes on 10%. All in all the idea behind makes sense.

but why does an A320 has almost the same values than an A380 or am I too stupid to understand it? Also I do earn way more with a B747 that has almost the same values than a B787. :smirk:

B787 costs 292 000, so it will earn about 2 920 000 before the end of its life minus maintenance. B747 costs 418 000 so it will earn about 4 180 000 before end of its life minus maintenance. Are we on the same wave? :slight_smile:


Perfect explained I would say. It is just because you are earning more per mile with an A380 than with a A320.
It is not really realistic that an A380 can fly less miles in total than an A320, but every plane/income is probably based on the same formula. It would be much more complex to create an own formula for each plane.

For me it is fine, even though I think that we are currently earning way too much per flight with the A380s. A lower income per mile would be better, because we would be able to fly more miles especially in comparison to the other planes. But as I said I don’t think this would be an easy change.

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Baseline is income per plane not the milage.

totally agree on that

exactly, and income is translated in miles…

That is why an A380 can fly less miles than almost every other plane, because it earns much more per flown mile :wink:

That is all I said above.

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