Making the Gameplay Humorous & Gripping (Part I)

Background & Premise

Because of the nature of their subject, games related to serious matters such as aviation, shipping, warfare, etc, invariably tend to have a serious, even sombre atmosphere which tends to border on dreariness. And because of the element of repetitive actions built into them, they are inherently monotonous, too, to varying degrees.

Realizing this, many a game-maker have resorted to the time-tested & proven strategy of making their gameplay witty, humorous & constantly engaging, without making it seem childish, comical, silly or absurd.

The devs at WOA were mindful about this, too. But, unfortunately, they went just to the extent of casting airport people in the style of the Wobblies on the main UI, and placing a news ticker related to real-world aviation on the starting page (which I stopped reading anyway after the first few days. Sorry!) And now, even the Wobblies appear to be an endangered species!

I personally feel that the mood of gameplay at WOA could & should be somewhat lifted, made jovial & more attractive. The measures that I am suggesting, combined with feasible ones that other players might suggest, & those that the devs may introduce of their own, should nicely set up the atmosphere in which the players can then carry on the dead-serious business of running an airport and managing an airline. The first of my propositions is as follows.


The Newspaper

Appearance, Purpose, Structure & Style

Placed by the margin of the screen on the same page as the current news ticker, this would appear either as a quivering or a flashing newspaper icon, alerting players that news have arrived.

When clicked, it would splash the screen with the front page of a fictional daily wherein news would be presented in one of the traditional structures (headline, lead, body, or tail, or even in portions thereof), depending on how painstakingly the devs create the AI for it. The format, along with the news, would vary each time the icon is clicked, and the players shall have no objection to it.

This artificial newspaper would have nothing to do with the real aviation world - the already existing ticker would continue to see to that. The proposed paper would EXCLUSIVELY cover the WOA players, their activities, accomplishments AND debacles, as well as plans for the future, albeit in a most entertaining style.

To this end the devs would have to develop an input page with a number of fields (including space for pictorial material), the content for which the players would provide. The AI would take those inputs and generate captivating news reports.

The AI would, however, faithfully reproduce the core content as the players want it to be shown (and have entered it in the relevant field).

For example, in the fields where I am asked to mention a particular action that I want covered, along with reason as to why I took that action, and I have entered “Bought an AN-22” & “Oh, for the heck of it”, respectively, and also submitted a screenshot of the plane, the AI could generate a news item displaying the pic of the plane with the news report beneath, a portion whereof would report the purchase & the reason behind it in the style “When asked as to why the airline bought an AN-22 when it already had a fleet of (xyz planes), the CEO of AeroNMS stunned the gathering by saying ‘Oh, for the heck of it’.”

Other newsworthy events such as the opening or abandoning by players of hubs/airports, routes, connections, and their good/bad performance as airport managers/ATCs would get reported in a similarly delightful manner.

Interestingly, there already exist games that update & entertain players every few minutes in a style somewhat similar to this! So it isn’t as if I am suggesting a novelty.

So, give it a good, long thought, devs!

Something similar has been tried before in this forum. But it never took off.

That’s absolutely tragic! I guess players will have to keep hammering down the message for as long as it takes! That Horsepower Air news report you’ve attached…:heart_eyes:! Just the kind of stuff I’d love to have floating about me 24/7!

Revive the thread.

I think that I’ve already done my fair share. I’d be revisiting this proposition if (i) nothing came out of it within a reasonable period of time, and (ii) I chose to stay with the WOA till then. In the meantime, all those players that share(d) this line of thought must make a collective effort to ensure that not only this but all other desirable & enjoyable proposals get to see the light of day. I am just so very sorry that I was on my year-long sabbatical from this game when Horsepower Geek was taking such pains to create & publish a specimen Presser but was then swallowed up by the bog. I, for all that I am worth, wouldn’t have let the issue die down then. And I simply can’t understand as to why the devs don’t take an executive decision on clearly desirable propositions. If everything is to be left to the mercy of the “majority” on the Forum or the Discord channel or any of the other fora, then WOA isn’t going to go places any time soon. How many players, max, are there on the Forum, anyway? The admn’s own stats say 2K! And how many of them are active? Not more than a hundred, max! So, is that what a “majority” looks like? Where does the opinion of the silent (hundreds of) thousands go?

Yeah I’ve been debating on starting it up again but I doubt anything will change

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Well, I probably would do this, but at the moment I don’t play WoA since there are things to do in RL and FIFA 23 came out and it WoA became a bit boring after nothing changed since a while, sorry

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