Maybe expanding airports option?

As I remember playing sometime ago, Bari has unused taxiway. Maybe you can make option to expand runway? I don’t know what abilities it would give, but it might be required for some planes. (Ex. A340 has problems to land at Bari)

Rynway and taxiways are fully used in Bari. You have been playing at least 4 months ago.

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I ment this

Thats more of a technical way than taxiway right ? what this should be used for?

It might be possible to change it to a taxiway, and make the runway longer. Large planes barely fit in current Bari runway

Airports are “carbon copy” of real airports. We will not make “fake runways or taxiways”.

Large planes landing normally in BRI - XL planes do not land there even in normal life and it will stay this way.


Okay then. Thanks for fast reply