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Pushback bug!
Rotation directly on the stand # 315 (GIF)

i want that pilot. rotate 180 straight off the stand, he should be a legend. Now i need to see if that’s happening with my 315.


there is no amateur at work here.

Don’t report that, that is cool, in fact suggest it for that line of stands, little something that can add to the feel

That same problem Also happens over here (but in this pic pushback is broken again)

Pushback bug on stands 751 / 752 / 753.
All sizes (S / M / L) tested positive

They seem to be able to handle it, maybe it was intentional?

The pushback bug happens on all stands. I previously tested each stand individually, but to be able to represent it better, I had the pushback performed at the same time.

I mean pushback takes a little bit longer as it is slower than taxing.

I am not able to land any connection planes at MCT
I checked nagoya it is working well but this bug seems to be based only on MCT

I’ve just heard from the devs that this looks to have been fixed now. Give your game a chance to cycle through a bit, but you shouldn’t lose any connection aircraft. I had one outstanding from last night and successfully picked it up

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When playing MCT, the plane handling interface will not show up and I cannot play the airport. It does not happen at other airports, but at MCT, when I choose any aircraft, it is the same issue including incoming aircraft. I have attached a pic where I have selected a plane (you can see from the blue hue) but no handling interface.

Having an issue with aircraft that use the lower gate numbers just N of RWY 08R / 26L. It seems that any aircraft cleared for departure from stand 1 - 26 will not cross RWY 08R / 26L regardless of how much arrival traffic is slowed / stopped. This causes a large backlog of aircraft that never make it to their gate. The only solution is to exit the game and restart. Anyone have a solution for this?

It is not a bug. The planes will cross the runway. Give them some time and lower the planes in the landing que for free flow.

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Muscat Old Terminal…. Plane waiting to cross runway, waits forever, holding traffic up

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System is being introduced in the next update to solve this issue. Players will be able to give aircraft commands to line up and wait or cross runways manually.


not forever. It will take time to cross but it will cross!!