How to earn money faster? The game is taking forever to max an airport out. I’m on the 1st airport

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You mean instant “I win” button? There is no such option :slight_smile:

But seriously it is slower in the beginning then its easier I earned for almost 20 planes without buying goldies at all since release.

Additionaly free game without advertisements has this model to let devs earn some money for time used for developement.


Any tips?

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Dont rush extra arrival slots, have enough equipment (it doesnt mean all available) dont rush extra stands, dont let planes go.away without bonus.

A lot of dont’s - do have fun. If above is not applied then it is even longer.


On the first airport it does actually take quite some time because only few planes come in and the stands are very expensive. but once you have 27.5k Passengers Bari Opens up and the progress there is much faster.

Standard tips for beginning: don’t buy additional arrival slots (like…ever) and don’t waste the 10k starting money on getting handlers for medium planes. Focus on small planes for the beginning and get some additional handlers and additional slots. Always do small changes and see how they affect your progress first. Once you go for medium planes you should first buy all the required handlers and then buy the medium stands. Saving the required 10k+ takes some time but it will pay off.

if you want to, you can spend real currency to get golden planes and convert them to in-game money (10k per plane). This will dramatically speed up the early game on each airport

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At the start I bought 1 extra arrival slot because I didn’t know what it was

As soon as You start buying Your own fleet, You start to earn more, the S planes make the most income.

They are cheap, fast to handle and can be send for short time (50-170 min)

M-planes make more money at once but You can send them less times a day.

X-planes can be send for at least 8 hours.


I decided at Bari to get More Ground Services rather than Advanced Handeling. Do the “Serve ### Of planes to get” Or the plane.

If you want optimal usage of your runways, the bigger planes give more money per minute of runway usage. Since I always experience qeues at the runway, I prefer big planes over small ones. Of course start with small ones.

The payment is based on the number of seats in the plane
Purchasing your own plane takes years
So purchasing arrivals is best option to make fast money
The highest seated planes listed below
S- BAE146 - 112 seats
M- B757 - 239 seats
L- B777 - 550 seats
X- A380 - 853 seats
Cargo payment is based on cargo space
S- B462F - 100 capacity
M- B738F - 207 capacity
L- B777F - 1030 capacity
X- B748F - 1377 capacity

So make enough money to unlock the arrivals with these planes in respective tiers to make fast money in game with highest payment

The destination with less distance will be more profitable as the planes arrive more frequently
When you are rich enough to purchase own planes… consider the above listing before purchasing
And while unlocking destinations purchase the ones which are farthest… so the planes will reach maintenance faster to become golden airplane

The game unlocks few aeroplanes for free :rofl: which may or may not be highest paying planes…there is an option to disable them if they are not giving more money like these planes​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And while purchasing slots
There are hybrids slots available like S/L,M/L,L/X,S/M/L,M/L/X,etc
Make money to buy the highest available tire and do not buy the second or third tire in the same slot unless you need it in some emergency situations…:joy::joy:

ALL THE BEST BILLIONAIRES :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

But most funny, that 2 E190 give money +/- like 1 B757, but full time handling time for E190 185 sec (3 min and 5 sec) and for B757 it’s 479 sec (~8 min), so when you will be waiting for handling B757, you can handle like 3 E190.


But planes come in 1 by 1 so the first one would finish faster than the third one.

Yes at beginning E190 will do better earnings
But after some increase in air traffic :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue: B757 is better choice

BTW I’m new to this game still playing NGO and this is based on my gameplay style to make fast cash​:joy::joy:

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Yep, B757 need 2 sec per passenger handling, E190 need 1,62 sec per passenger, B38M 1,7 sec per passenger, A320 and B738 1,77 sec per passenger.
I wonder about B38M, the fastest from them, if you going to actively play on one airport, I think it can help gain more than B757, due his speed… Plus they have near same amount passenger capicity B38M 210 vs B757 239.

But to complete Achivments better to use E190 and A332 from NPC. =)

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Nice thanks for more information

Is IAD still the best money-making airport?


Any type of fleet is good. And also fleet at IAD is the best.

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I made W 52 million there and had 60 planes operating. So yes, there is money to be made :smile:

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The most interesting, that every aircraft has own cost of fuel per NM.
AT76 0,101 per 1 nm, max 84, with any range more than 825nm =)
CRJ700 0,091 per 1nm
BAe 146 0,100 per 1nm
E190 0,074 per 1nm
B738 0,12 per 1nm
B757 0,154 per 1nm
B787 0,231 per 1nm
B777 0,343 per 1nm

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