More A330s

Since we have the A332 and A333 and A332F
Wouldn’t it be nice to add more A330s like Beluga XL and MRTT

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Beluga is actually on the list for the next update. or if they don’t then probably the one after.

He’s talking the xl, a beluga based on an A330 instead of a300

we’ll see if they put both into the game, they might skip the original as they already have the 330 base built.

A333RR liveries

I noticed those and thought, oh that’s new

A333RR liverys but no A333RR?

Wonder what that tells you :slight_smile:

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There working on more then what’s there. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well maybe, but that the 333RR may appear as an option too , but not currently listed

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Oh, ok

Time to celebrate!
:champagne: :portugal: :portugal:

As a Norwegian, it is good to see SAS :norway: :denmark: :sweden:. Note that the livery is the ols one that was introduced in the late 90´s. The new one was introduced with the new A350 in September 2019, the got the a350´s in the livery and that is cool :sunglasses:


It’s an old plane, that’s why they use the old livery.


I prefer the older livery more than the new one which looks kinda rushed, no fantasy at all. And the big S A S letters in white mettalic colour seems to be dumb as hell idea.

Considering we already have the Virgin Atlantic A340, will we get the A330?

New liveries
I’m stealing dank’s job here lol

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These as well
Plus the born in 21 ita livery

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Makes me wonder if we will ever get a Thomas Cook or Monarch A330.