My thoughts after playing WOA 2.0 for 2 days

You know the flight times are realistic to the game right? As you don’t have 24hrs at an airport so whist a flight with Saab 340 only 10 mins or 15 mins in game it be an 35 mins or an hour, depending where you sent it.

Quiet Giant From Silver Castle.

No, they are NOT realistic anymore. They have been realistic from the beginning of WOA, with the V2.0 they are unrealistic.


This is intentional, flight times were cut in three from IRL to make up for the instant flights in 1.5

The game just needs a pause button. Both for when you stop playing and when you’re dealing with contracts and equipment and construction. Just 30secs can have 3-4 planes that have gone over the time limit.

Honestly a lot needs to be re-evaluated cause honestly them game doesn’t feel fun to play anymore like it used to.
With the pilled up queues for departures, leveling up becoming more difficult, landing aircraft taking up runway time, ground times, empty airports to name a few.

I don’t like complaining but it is sad to see a game I’ve grown to love become another game I don’t have the same enthusiasm for anymore.

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Were they? If you cancelled all flights but 1 you could mass dupe the 1, so was it really realistic?

Yes it is realistic your not thinking correctly, the game is not set in real time 12hrs or 24hrs so as it maybe 30 mins to us in game could be 50 mins.

I am thinking correctly
The game doesn’t play out like a normal day, I know and the handling is not realistic indeed
But taxiing, take off and landing are realistic and that’s where conflicts come into play

I don’t think changing how the day works in the game will make any difference I.e. making it go by a bit slower

But hey, agree to disagree

Wasn’t talking to you, that’s the only part as if it was running to game it be like those videos when they speed traffic up or it be landing then next thing it’s at the gate like superman.

Quiet Giant From Silver Castle.

Sorry, my bad, idk since it’s kinda difficult to distinguish. I apologize if I came over negatively
Was not my intention

I compared the flight times before V2.0 with the flight times since V2.0 There has been a massive change with a total unrealistic increase of speed, that’s a fact and not “thinking”. I respect your approach comparing flight times with ingame daylenght but you should not judge whether I can think correct or not.

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Devs have freely admitted they increased the speed on routes by 3X. Whether they decide to change it back at all or to a different level is on them. But it is what it is right now.


@carlsberg72 I think it’s perfect as it is and if you got plenty of contacts you don’t have to land them straight away.


@DHC8 No Worries.


I think this game is pay to play. You have to get golden planes to unlock the good airports. Also the golden airplanes are way to expensive. Please fix this. Other than that, i love this game!

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Turing off battery saver speeds it up

yes, you can pay and move faster in the game. You can also play for free, but it takes longer. You can get GP for uploaded SP.
Developers also have to eat and live somewhere, so it won’t be cheaper.


It’s not. It’s free to download and everything can be unlocked by a free player (no paywalls).

What you’re describing is paying to progress quickly. Not paying to play.


Sorry speeds what up the game?

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Btw what are the new destinations in this latest update?

They are in the release notes

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