Need some advice here please

Hi All,
I need help here,
I was recently thinking if I should I unlock my 2nd L plane or unlock my first X plane and I can’t decide which one to unlock
I thought about unlocking the A332 or A350 but I don’t know if the A332 is really worth it?
I also thought about unlocking the B747.
But I’m still not sure.
If you could help me I appreciate it

Do you need to spend money or golden planes? If you have already unlocked both of the types then by a 787 because all L/X-tier planes almost have the same profit. So 2 Ls are better than 1 X. Also before sending, see all routes to which you can get the most profit and unlock that destination (if you have already done gg). Buy 3 L-tier planes (B787 as it will give you more profit if you count that way(maybe)). But focus on 3 Ls and then Xs.

I’ve heard about A332 from those who own it. They said it’s not good for profiting because of it’s fuel price being in the same level as the B777 while having a smaller revenue than the B787. They also said it’s good for connections because you can handle it faster than other L planes. Maybe get the A350 instead.

That’s true, but it’s price makes up for it in my eyes. It’s good if you want a cheap L to get started or earn some extra gold planes with. I shall also add its a great aircraft, and the only L advance aircraft (for now)! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I already have the 787 unlocked long time.
I don’t have any L or X planes unlocked other than the 787.

How’s your experience with the A332s are you using them for GP farming or something else?

yeah Its very good for gp farming
but it is less efficient in terms of refuelling and profit makng

That was my initial plan. They are good for building up a large fleet, which does mean large amounts of revenue and eventually gold planes.

Ah okay I understand,
How many A332s do you have at the moment?

So far I have 6:
1 at SAN
2 at NGO
2 at IAD
1 at PRG

Is A332 better for GP than E190?

No, not even close. E190 or A319 are a quarter of the cost & only 1gp less. I don’t know why anyone would use any L or X for farming as they are so expensive. Or maybe I’m missing something, which wouldn’t be unusual tbh.

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The A332 has low maintenance fees compared to other L planes so it wouldn’t be that expensive to GP farm

To do the farming you send the aircraft to the furthest destination so it gets to maintenance C quicker. Unfortunately the way earnings work now the further you send the aircraft the more money it loses, which means if you start sending Ls to farm your gonna need a big fleet to support them that actually makes money. Its just far cheaper & far easier to use the M’s to farm. That’s just my opinion of course.

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Ah okay I understand
If I get the A332 and start GP farming with it at PRG and IAD would I be losing money
At PRG i have:
4 787s
4 B734s 7 A319s and 1 A320
1 crj
6 AT43s
At IAD I have:
3 787s
10 A319s 1 B757
1 crj and 14 AT43s

That aircraft will lose you money if your farming with it, definitely. Tbh other than saying you have the A330 in your fleet I don’t know what the point of it is. For arguments sake let’s say you have part of your fleet for connections, part for farming & the rest for making the money so that you can do the other 2. All your fleet needs maintenance, not just the ones that are rushing towards it, so it’s in your best interest to keep the time for the fleet that makes money away from maintenance for as long as possible. This is where you end up sending Ls & Xs on tiny routes (it doesn’t take a genius to work out which is best, 4000w for 300 miles or 6000w for 5000 miles) & peoples complaints about it being unrealistic.

Personally I mainly use A350’s for the connections (mainly because I like the wave livery), E190 for gp farming & a variety of other stuff to make the money.

A change in the games economics would really enhance the A330. If we keep going down this route of big aircraft low income, then when aircraft like the 767 get added it’ll earn nothing! I can still never understand how the developers said it was more realistic. Bigger aircraft have more seats, more money. Longer flights, higher ticket prices, more money.

The A330 should really be earning what the 787 earns on most routes, if not slightly less.


I agree, on the PRG-IAD connection the 757 earns more than the A330, that can’t be realistic I’m certain and it comes back having used a lot less fuel. One of the best routes at PRG is to VIE, put a 737 cargo on it & its paid for itself long before it gets anywhere near maintenance A. Sending it further & it earns less money, whatever algorithm is being used has to be off.


I still don’t understand how this system can be more realistic. I’ve had ERJ-190s earn more than A330s…

I haven’t bought the A332 yet instead I started investing on NGO to help me
After that I will get my first X plane or 2nd L plane.