New aircraft additions

Hi :slight_smile: so I just wanted to say that I quite like the way the devs have been adding aircraft recently (doing the whole family all at once rather than only a few) and I was curious if others share this view. I also was thinking about other aircraft. Imo the 737 family is the most important that is mostly not ingame, and then the 767/777. What do you guys think/ which planes do you think are most lacking or in need of overhaul?? Just curious to know.



At 737 classics i think too. It would be awsome to see 737-500, 737-600, 747-700 WL. And also B767 or A318.

Let’s see what devs created with their magical hands. :smiley:


I’m hoping after the A320 that the focus will go on the NG and MAX variants missing


a318 737-200 and -600 or -500 whatever and 777-200LR/ER/F. 727-200 and 707-300 would be cool if they were added with the 737-200

Yeah, that’d be so nice :slight_smile: the flip side is that they might not want to do two huge narrowbody families in a row.

Just cause it would take so much time

Just to let you guys know they are focusing on adding all the modern aircraft families first(a330neo, 737ng/max, 767, a321, 777-200er/lr) before working on the classics(a310, 707, 727, MD-11, DC-10, 737 classic, etc.). Or at least thats what I heard from the discord server and they had a whole dev Q&A up there so I’m pretty sure they know what they’re talking about.

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737ng and max are alreayd in game

Not most of them

Yeah true

Only the -800 and max8 are in the game

And 737-400

Although that one is a classic right? Or which family is in between classics and ng I can’t remember

i think devs should focus on new planes and not on random 737 variants

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I’m no expert but I’d do it a different way:

  • all S aircraft woulf be updated to S at once
  • all M aircraft would be updated at once

The aircraft could come between airports, the devs have a lot of things planned ahead and I’m sure they know what they’re doing.

i kind of get what you mean but let’s be real here: the only modern aircraft family that hasn’t been added yet is the 767. All the other ones are variants(a321, a330neo, 777-200, other 737’s, etc). Plus you just said you want the 737 classics which happen to be more “random” 737 variants🤯. So as I said earlier the devs will focus on adding the modern ones that airlines actually USE before adding the classics and if you’re still wondering why then read the beginning of this sentence. Airlines actually use them. And if your still angry then don’t talk to me talk to the discord server cuz they had an entire dev Q&A up there so they know what they’re talking about(I hope)

the new variants that change engines and things is what should be added, not the 14 737 variants. when did devs say that they will add newer planes first? what about reworks, 757, 748, they are very used

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Sure I guess they don’t really change the engines but there is a huge difference in capacity between the 737-100 and the 737-900/Max 9(or the Max 10 once it comes out).
But if you think about it, in the next 3-4 years all the new aircraft we are currently asking for will most likely be added by then anyways bc the devs wouldn’t leave anything out on purpose, right?..

As I said someone in the discord server told me after the Q&A. I honestly I no clue weather that’s a speculation of official info.

something that I do know is official is that the devs will focus on finishing all the reworks before adding any new aircraft. The only aircraft being added in the near future that you can technically call “new” is the a321, which as of October is being added with a320 rework. Maybe plans have changed(considering the fact that 788 as of that same October was going to be added with 787 rework in 2.1 but only player liveries got added with more to come later on). But all the reworks should be finished in around the next 6-12 months and then they will focus on adding new planes. Right now, the priorities are 787, a350, and a320.

i think a321 is a very good adition though, and i will be happy with a320 rework since im building a fleet of them at bari


Only 737-800 on the NG is in the not -600 or -700

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