New Aircraft types - X

This thread is for the biggest aircraft such as the 748 or 388 etc.

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This is the C5 Galaxy. I dont know if it an X size plane but its dimensions are similar to the A380 so including it here. It is a cargo aircraft and can be added as a special arrival or something.


This is the IL96, originally designed in the Soviet Union. It is a Quadjet manufactured in Russia. Now I know that the devs have said that they are not going to add any russian airline and hence Aeroflot and Rossiya will not be added. But there is one airline that did operate this plane and is currently in storage. It is from Cuba. And hence this plane can be added.


Look I know there is 1 airline that operates that aircraft but it is still Russian built it will be added once the Ukraine war is over

Need to be super clear, there’s no getting around the ban with technicalities. Russian planes and Russian airlines will not be in the game until Russia exits Ukraine. It’s really that simple


Antonov an124 - 100 is a civil cargo airplain. The most common operators of : Antonov airlines and Volga Dnepr(I know you will not add russian airlines so it is just a fun fact)

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Already in the game. Just not as a player aircraft


cool! I did not know thet.

Will never happen by the looks of it.
You guys may as well just reverse your decision regardless of what happens.

When will that be?
This is stupid behaviour.
It’s a fricking game. Don’t let politics or current events dictate to you.

I am not a government I don’t make decisions. like WHY?! And I do believe that the comments that you said to me and Andy is totally unacceptable

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It’s a game. Keep real life events OUT of it.

Actually real life event for me does count as it actually brings more realism

Why is there not Russian airlines and planes? That can be good in the game , please Russian planes

Until russia leave ukraine the devs have insisted on not adding russian planes(or anything russia related)


Beluga XL I recon should be added as a contract not a event a perment contract with airbus having the A330-700l

  • Beluga XL / A330-700L should be added as a permant and new aircraft contract at these airports PRG, LHR, NGO, MCT
  • Beluga XL / A330-700L shouldn’t be added as a permant and new aircraft contract
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Beluga XL / A330-700L I recon it should be added what about you

@carlsberg72 beluga XL is not X tier

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