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New jet blue 190 livery from discord
Little update on this thread, i figured I’d make it so every update people can post pictures of any new liveries coming instead of making Seperate threads for it
Yes this used to be the an124 thread

The engines are actually white not grey!

They are light grey though, not entirely white

Some references

Personally I don’t really mind since it’s just there temporarily before they replace it with the advance B777F model but yeah the grey can be lighter

i’m sorry i was wrong!

What happened to the 777 remodel? Coming soon after the release of LEJ?

Also, how come the new B748F liveries have their wingtips painted as well? Is this in preparation for the 747 advance model and the splitting of liveries onto 747-400s and 747-8s?

The 777 remodel will come in 2022 per social media. All variants including the 777X (presumably the -9X)

For the 748 I think it’s what you said. They are just there for now to identify which is the -400 and which is the -8

New liveries, some already mentioned and shown or not shown, others not mentioned Screenshot_20211210-144824_Chrome


Just wanted to report a minor issue on the Feedback site, Aerotranscargo may have their aircraft registered in Moldova, but pretty much all their flights go to/from Nur Sultan (NQZ) in real life. Maybe something to flag up with the developers?

Only minor but I wanted to make sure it was right :slight_smile:

New livery

Damn they will add a lot to the next update. And yeah its good to be back.

New A320 liveries for Leipzig destinations. All in old model

Well I just saw some new E170 (LOT Polish) and A320 colors for Europe. But lets wish I can get KLM E175, ITA Italy, ITA Itapemirim(Brazil), Air Macao and Bhutan Airline A319 and Greater Bay Airlines B738 on the update list.

Nice, Condor. Hopefully we will get a Thomas Cook aircraft at some point!

New liveries

I must admit, it would be nice to get the Condor in the blue livery (with heart) and the Thomas Cook livery with the heart. The Peanuts livery would be nice, but I’d imagine licences will impact that one.

Also, another thing which I’ve just noticed. How come the A320s have their older textures? Non of the wing markings or that dirt effect we see in some of the more recent A320s. Possible A320 remodel coming soon?