New Game Features

Wake Turbulence should be modelled for larger airports. Like if an A380 takes off the runway is actually unusable for 10minutes. We can get that down to 1 minute in game. But this should be for larger airports with two runways only as players already complain about the runways being too slow.

I keep converting the SPs to GPs whenever the 10k silver planes for 10GP comes up…That way I have around 60GP and still 25k SP…You might wanna do the same as GP can literally be used for everything.


Don’t want to get too into this as it’s off topic for the channel… but I’ve been doing my daily and weekly GP Conversions and have 121k SP regardless. I just don’t think it has enough utility and I’d love to swap it for some Wollars when starting an airport :slight_smile:

One of the features of the game that I feel is not properly balanced is event planes. So I’d like to propose the following changes:

(1) Contract Rewards Proportional to Size of Plane

Right now, regardless of wether or not a plane takes 5 minutes or 25 minutes to handle, we get the same reward. I’d like to see rewards be more proportional to what we have to invest to get it done.

(2) Randomized Contract Lengths

Additionally, I’d like to see these contracts have a chance to return for more than 1 flight, with improved proportional rewards.

(3) Change the Rewards for Event Contracts to be more enticing for experienced players

Right now, only receiving 10 SP and 5 XP isn’t enticing as (a) SP is easy to earn, and I am currently at 140k in the bank doing my trade ins daily, and (b) XP is useless once you max out an airport. So for airports I have maxed out the rewards, I don’t feel event planes are worth my time.

To change that, I’d like to see the SP rewards replaced with a new currency. With this currency, each airport would have its own counter, and the currency would added to the counter when the event plane contracts. When the counter completes, it would convert to a GP (perhaps 2 GPs with premium pass).

This to me has some distinct advantages:

(1) Currently, the hold up with SP → GP conversions is time. This helps Event Planes not add to this hold up!

(2) Event Planes now have more purpose beyond a cosmetic one for players who have maxed out airports.

(3) This would encourage players to revisit old airports now and again to be able to maximize their GP earnings by servicing every event plane.

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They are? It just takes handling it more than once to see a difference

Agreed with 3rd point…Coz being at almost level 70 is IAD. I never touch the event arrivals coz its does nothing but consume time and actually give you nothing.


yea, a detailist idea tho but it should be better if you have a kids playing a sand castle at SXM like other kids do when they went to beach, after i went to the SL and found no kids playing at the beach area lol.


I would love to see if there is a gear-up animation while taking off


It is confirmed that this will be done once all 1st generation models are out of the game. 2.1 will eliminate the 320, 787, and 350, so that will be a big step forward.

My source is kubasan, during an impromptu dev chat in the discord three weeks ago or so

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I have an idea to put the buttons S M L X in the right bottum of the gameplay menu to see only that planes you need to see at that moment. Specially at the bigger airports.

I like to land first my X planes and then my L planes. Now i have to scroll the list where the planes are. And if i want some S planes to land than it would be nice to see only the S planes in the list.
I see in the other menus, like ME FLEET, that is it possible.

I made a screenshot with this idea.


that’s how I do it too and I’d like those buttons too :ok_hand:

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All event arrivals are 10 SP and 5 XP regardless of size and you currently can’t handle them more than once… as the first paragraph states, that feedback is entirely and only related to event planes.

Ah, I missed that

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In the main menu a radar where you can see all your flights from all of your airports. Kind of like flightradar24 but just your contract and your airplanes from all of your airports.

Would love this one more than anything else.

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What to expect when flying WestJet Encore - Runway GirlRunway GirlJetway attached to AA flight 5621. A CRJ 900 regional jet. - Picture of  American Airlines - Tripadvisor

crj9 and dhc-8 with jetways because it kind of looks weird with bus boarding at a bridge gate. The atr and its variants I understand though because it would be complicated to make the jetway go to the back door without hitting the wing. But can you please fix crj and dhc-8


I noticed that at iad in real life, gates c/d are united exclusive and can also handle L planes, with the jetway attaching to the second door of the L planes.
United Airlines on LinkedIn: Make room for one more, Washington Dulles International Airport! Our… | 49 comments
Gates a/b are for all other airlines and a few united express flights. Most gates can also handle M, L, and X planes
Midfield Concourse at Washington Dulles International Airport - Hensel Phelps And I hope that the other two runways will become operational because no matter how hard I try, the airport never seems to be busy.
Dulles international airport virginia hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy
And can they also add mobile lounges driving on the tarmac. The game already has the gates and the pathways for mobile lounges. So maybe they can just be driving around and attaching themselves to the gates.
Here is the real layout of the airport(The black dotted lines is where the lounges could be driving)

As for converting the gates into the which gates can handle which sizes, then we can keep the current sizes we ha unlocked and then the devs can add new sizes for us to unlock.
And can the devs please increase the amount of contracts at Dulles by 30 or 40 because realistically united and united express alone have just about as many routes as the contracts that can be unlocked without spending SP. And that’s not even including if you want to expand your fleet at Dulles. If you want to have united and your own planes to both have hubs at dulles, then those two alone will swallow all the contract slots

Will the update release in late 2023 or early 2024?


The airport wont ever get busy because of the short handling times. By the time a plane taxied in, a few are already handled, they’re ready for departure
And in real life all 4 runways wont be used at the same time, taking into account with wind and operational aspects

Maybe they can add a new section in the settings called “game difficulty”. There could be two modes. “Arcade Mode”, which is what we have right now, and “hard mode” where the the handling times, taxi speeds and round trip times are what they are in real life, but the rewards and flight revenues are way higher since everything takes a lot longer. The xp per level would also be a lot lower(on that topic, can you please lower the xp per level in general, because the game requires way too much grinding, especially in bigger airports like iad and mct). If you have max crew in hard mode, that’s when the time would be at around irl time. Or else it would be a lot slower. For example, the average turnaround time for the a380 is 90 minutes. In hard mode, the handling limit could maybe be 1h 45m. With max crew, that’s when the time would be 90 minutes. I know that that’s a long time, so maybe there could also be a “Moderate” difficulty, where the times are in the middle of our current times, and the “hard mode” times. For example, the a380 could have 45 minutes. The “moderate” game mode would be perfect for somebody who isn’t trying to go for two much realism, but is still trying to make their airports busy.

Btw I’m pretty sure somebody already made a suggestion similar to this but I couldn’t find it so I just made my own version of it.


Another suggestion I have is the ability to suspend contracts when you don’t want them flying at that specific moment. You can re’-activate them whenever you want to
And also can you please reduce the xp per level because it is way too high. Especially once you get to the 50s and 60s.