New Game Features

As long as small aircraft exist through this game(having stands much like the current ones where small aircraft like Cessena’s sit forever),it will be okay.

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  1. weather and random events at the airport: example: rushes, bad weather, delays, faulty planes…

  2. a unique logo for our company

  3. option to switch 2d to 3d radar

  4. Transfer of planes from one airport to another

  5. money transfer or creation of a general balance, example: silver plans

  6. an option to hide the icon of our aircraft that do not have a contract.

  7. option for the paintings of the planes to display the name of the Players, in a large size like the name of companies around the world

  8. quantity and models of aircraft
    that we have in the fleet menu instead of all models together. example: M class (airbus a320 10x) as well as we received a new reward plane to redeem


Feature Request: Engine Shut Down and Parking Option
Hello fellow aviators and airport managers,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to share a feature request that I believe would enhance the World of Airports experience for many players.

It would be fantastic to have the option to shut down the engines of our aircraft and park them on the apron or taxiway. As you know, World of Airports boasts sprawling airports with detailed environments. Given this expansive setting, I believe many players would appreciate the ability to have their planes remain stationary on the tarmac, in a non-operational state, solely for the purpose of capturing picturesque moments or creating immersive scenes.

This addition would not only cater to the desires of aviation enthusiasts who enjoy the realism and aesthetics of airport environments but also provide opportunities for creative expression within the game.

I understand that implementing such a feature may require technical considerations and adjustments to the gameplay mechanics. However, I believe it would significantly enrich the gameplay experience and contribute to the overall enjoyment of World of Airports for players across the globe.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. I look forward to seeing the continued evolution of World of Airports and the exciting features it has to offer.

Fly high and safe landings to all!




Their should be a ingame alliance were you can send request to a owner of a alliance to join max 10p or 20p
2 modes you can fly the alliance planes from any airport or each alliance choses a hub to work at
the alliance with the most completed contracts and the other top alliance get golden plains.

Next making the game more f2p you could redose the silver to gold planes coold won from like 1 week to 1 day or get rid of it. Also can you make a way for wollard to trasnfer to silver or gold i have like 2 mill sittin around doin nothin.

Every Month reward the players at the top of the leadrboards with gold planes or a special livery it would be preety cool

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Devs if your reading (prob not but still) can you make a feature wear your fleet can be your own airline you can name in have a defult livery. And you can see the fleets stats like on time rate total passengars and cargo top airlines get rewarded and you can partner with other airlines to get a 1.25x reward in wollars for partner airline flights. and you can choses a airport in the game for your hub where you get a 1.25x wollards bonus for planes in the airport. and you can have upgrades SMALL UPGRADES NOT GAME BREAKING. like 1.1x multi witch can be lounges pearchursed for hub (no inside deatil need) but cool tho. Or Ugraded parking with 10% faster boarding or stuff like that. Your Plane can have emergencys like 1 engine failed not 2 and beacuse its your own airline you won’t have to get sued by delta beacuse a bomb went off in the game. Simple emrgenys no extreme ones


The ability to downgrade gates. When starting the game we always tend to unlock S/M gates since its cheaper but time passes on we have more L,X/L contracts or fleet and lesser need for S/M gates.

Can we have the button to click assigned all required ground handling staff on each aircraft sometimes its tiring to press 3,5,8,10,13 depending on aircraft one at a time for mutiple planes.

Better Plane Configurations

Better option on how many business class/first seats we can put on an aircraft.
i.e. A35K only upto 38 max Business seat while in reality some config it with 40+ seats

Additiion if premium Economy Perhaps?


Cinematic Mode - New feature
Following the removal of camera “glitch” that allows for a cinematic view of the camera, devs can apply a settings where player can turn off/on cinematic mode on the main camera, using a setting. It is turned off by default.

Hi All,

I know it’s not top priority but just throwing this in here.

Over many weeks I continue to update the LHR stand can be found here with 5 stands based on real life data, which terminal and etc.

Man my hands are hurting trying to find the right stand again, double clicking a button for over 150+ planes.

So I would love if the devs was able to implement something that allowed you to pre-allocate stands based on airline and destination.


LHR 3 320/323/328/331/336 A332 Delta Air Lines DL59 Boston United States
LHR 3 313/317/321/326/365 A333/A339 Virgin Atlantic VS11 Boston United States

Here is two airlines with the same destination with different stands “I want to pre-allocate the DAL to the 5 stands if available”

I want to be able to do the same with the other airline so this has to be airline/destination specific and not just airline specific generically.

Now I can imagine that’s not an easy task and may or may not have been asked for already.

But that’s just my two cents for a future feature.



Not quite a game feature, but right now when a plane is in push back it is already shown as flying on the map/radar screen. Would be nice to see that corrected.

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I think I’ve suggested something similar but having to assign an airline to a specific terminal and have the delivery controller in the tower manager randomly assign gates at that specific terminal or maybe terminals depending on the airport


That’s intentional. Its how the game and flight times works

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Add triple jetbridges at LHR

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I just decided to play MCT again after a while and noticed I’ve got over a million wollars that I’m not using.
I think we should be sble to atleast purchase SP’s with this.


Yes I agree with you

What would be the possibility of selling planes to other players? In reality, Ailines also buy used aircraft from other airlines.
Instead of returning them to the system, they could be offered for sale on a kind of marketplace. This would be an attractive opportunity for players with little capital to build their own fleet by purchasing used aircraft.
What do you think?


It is a great idea to buy used planes with liveries. Hope someone from devs read this. It would be a great feature.


Would it be possible to sell aircraft parking spaces? In London Heathrow, parking spaces of size s are initially allocated which I would like to sell

Here are a few suggestions that I have:

  1. Add the A321
  • very commonly flow aircraft (especially by American Airlines and Delta) and would love to see it in the game
  1. Add Air Canada CRJ9
  • these aircraft regularly fly into IAD and SAN and would be a nice local contract
  1. Implement Scheduling
  • a scheduling feature could be implemented to allow the user to schedule flight times as a way to organize the buildup of arrivals and extend handling times
  • adding this feature would improve the visual emptiness of IAD and allow the airport to appear more full. I have seen many other replies that express this issue with IAD. It is not a problem when you first begin but once you acquire a lot of contracts then it would be nice to retain some aircraft at the gates to make the game feel more realistic
  • there should be an option to automatically and manually schedule flights
  • the time slots would have to be adjusted as more contracts are picked up
  • the downside is that this would require some changes to the time in this game as it never really stops/pauses. It could also slow progression, especially when starting a new airport
  • an alternative could be adding a queue that would allow the user to arrange their arrivals in a specific order. I know that this can be done manually by scrolling and selecting a flight to allow landing clearance but it would be nice if I could order them in a more desirable way.
  1. Reiterating What We All Want
  • improved takeoff/landing speeds
  • landing gear animations
  • cockpit/passenger cameras
  • I won’t go into any detail regarding these features since many other players have already done so

It’s in development


Oh that’s perfect