New Game Features

Perhaps there could be a jetbridge parking minigame?

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Some suggestion about service at gate

  1. Maybe we can see a gate agent putting on “Remove Before Flight” during service
  2. Before pushback, there will be F/O that walk around airplane to inspect it

There is one more suggestion is please add passengers camera for every flight . It will look good

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I would like to see that an old idea to develop a Hangar will be implemented in the game. At airports, where it don´t use not all my planes, it does´nt make sense to use the Delivery with the towermanager. It would be comfortable if it´s possible to park planes not in use anywhere, without use of a stand or this planes could be filterd out to tell the Delivery manager which planes should not be given permission to land.


@schrankogel I completely agree with you!! it was also one of my ideas that I had included a short time ago :+1:

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Try storing “surplus” planes at a non-played (but fully developed) airport of one of your Alliance members. Works great with us.

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@OrangeAir Good morning ! The invention of a hangar could be beautiful. among other things, a hangar that is valid for all airports. that is, if you store planes inside you could also use them at other airports. some sort of fixed building that would be able to carry your planes!! which now, for example, if I buy planes in PRAGUE I can’t use it at INN.

Looks like my earlier suggestion for a Victorville, Teruel or Alice Springs option.

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@OrangeAir not even doing it on purpose :grinning:

This will turn into Airport Sim


the use of jet bridges is charged an extra fee from the airport .

So if this had already happened, if not Wollars increase from initial to whatever they charge on the jetbridges, lets say B737max fees is 646, then it will increase depends on the Jetbridges.

I like that idea, although jetway useage may already be included in the taxes and fees mentioned on the economy card

However for our own fleet it’s a good idea, save on fees and make more money, or just for a bit of fun have some 737s or A320s use stairs and buses when using a jetway stand, say a flight going into one terminal has parked at another due to a lack of gates


We could help SXM recoup their money after having to completely rebuild their jet bridges after the tropical cyclone a while back!

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Seeing The Inside Of The Aircraft For Exterior

If you look at an open door on any aircraft in the game, it is a black pit of abyss and the passengers seem to spawn out of nowhere and ruins the aesthetic of some photos.

What I propose is to have the passengers spawn in the cabin and then walk out to a modelled galley area. It may seem like a small change but would bring so much depth.

The current ‘abyss’ doors

Door with the gallery visible

An added bonus would be to have the doors open the correct way, in the case of the A220 where the door opens sideways compared to ‘swinging around’ opening found in the game.


Or better standing near the door like these examples

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The idea was not for a separate camera angle, it was an idea for the galley to be visible from the outside e.g in the tower.

CRJS using jetbridges, is it always meant for CRJS to use stairs even though its parked on a jetbridge, New Idea love to see a CRJ using a jetbridge.


CRJs should absolutely be using jetbridges.


I’m trying to find out if the aircraft drogue custom carrier logo feature will be available. Because the current custom paint job on the aircraft can only be adjusted for color, which does not reflect the features of the Airline Division that I started myself.In addition, the current paint design model makes it vulnerable to situations where someone else’s airplane paint job is similar to my own design.Therefore, I would like you to introduce a custom logo feature. It would provide more enjoyment to the game.

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Bring Back This Icon When Handling The Plane, so we know which plane needs deicing without having it to wait for to finish the contract.