New Game Features

I think everyone enjoys the Helicopters at INN and BRI. It would be nice to have a similar concept in all other airports.

Here’s the suggestion:

When duty calls the 2 Trucks show up for a Water Salute but only actually shoot water when the player clicks on a Truck (receives bonus ₩25 or maybe 50).


Is it possible to make a color, or sign or textline when you get new CONTRACTS in the game to see if you have that plane allready in your list from WOA-pedia.

Now you have the write it down, go back to the main menu, search for the plane in the big list.
It would be easier to see it at once.

See picture. There you can see that the 3rd plane is in my WOA-pedia and nr 1 and 2 not.


This feature is definitely missing for WOApedia


Do you think they should add a terminal view In LHR

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I emailed the devs about this after the camera glitch got removed and they said they are working on new camera angles for each airport(nothing will ever top the glitch tho :triumph:)

Hey WOA fans
So just took delivery of my 100th A350K at MCT and it got me thinking, would be kind of cool if we had some sort of special livery’s to use that have 100th or 10th or 1st such as these pics just as an example one is wizz air which made a special livery for its 100th aircraft and the other is MEA which had a slightly different livery to the usual with 10,000 being the 10,000 of the A320 family to be delivered.


Especially with custom taxiway routes possibly coming in the future, having various runway access points would be a great feature improving gameplay and realism. We already have this at places like SXM where S, M, and L&X planes takeoff in a different way, and also say PRG where CARGO planes will queue from a different point. But with the taxiway system at many airports like LHR (photo of what I mean below) there are multiple taxiways leading up to the same runway, that are used for help using less space on more important taxiways while queueing for takeoff, and is not based on size or where the plane is taxing from. I would love to see the ability to use various access points to chose from where to takeoff, and also to have some of the midway through the runway points for S aircraft (some photos below) available to chose for S planes only, like you can’t takeoff a L plane from the small takeoff point at PRG pictured below.


Rethinking Liveries. Currently you pick 1 livery with (up to) 3 colors.
I propose stickers: They come in all shapes and sizes, they might cover: Top half or bottom of the fuselage, many cover the tail, some are solid, some are pin striped, some cover wing tips and/or engines …
Each plane is allowed 3 stickers, each sticker is one single color.

Plane Decals

Reaching level 45 at LHR rewards you with … drum roll … ₩5000. A better reward would be stickers, the more stickers the more you can customize your own livery. I imagine some stickers would overlap with others, so the order in which they are applied would be important.

I’m not a huge fan of the 16GP cost of some L liveries. But I wouldn’t mind spending 2GP per sticker to create a very unique livery.
Some premium stickers could be Country flags, applied to the vertical stabilizer, so you shell out 5GP for the good old Red-White&Blue across your tail (some stickers wouldn’t be custom color).
Tail fin


Agree 1000%, different stickers will make your own fleet special!!!
Stickers like flags, numbers, few letters, etc…
I know everything is possible! :sunglasses: