New Playable Airports - Europe

How would everyone feel about wanting schipol/and if we think about it 6 runways 1 big terminal plenty of stands and a cargo terminal it would be a great airport to play as there are many great airlines

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Yes, AMS would be wonderful. It is one of the most desired airports in WOA.
BUT, first of all airports have to be integrated worldwide,
I think the aim is to have as many different (size) airports (as possible) available worldwide. But this also means that airports close to each other are almost impossible. This means that AMS will not come (in my opinion), firstly because there are already plenty of airports available in Europe and secondly because AMS is too close to others. Especially as a mega-airport too close to mega-airport LHR. That’s why DXB won’t happen (because it’s too close to MCT).
Or JFK/EWR because of IAD

If we are lucky, there will be another airport in Europe in the next 10 years. But perhaps smaller and perhaps further away from others (if possible), such as southern France, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia or even south-east Europe.

But overall, Europe will be the last continent to be thought of for the time being.
Even if, as a German, I would like it to be different.


I live in Catania and i like to play my favorite Airport in the game
Main runway:
08-26 (2500M)

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Catania Fontanarossa boasts a whopping 1.5 million monthly passengers in the May period and nearly 2 million from the July and August period, MONTHLY of course.

I do not understand why BARI was introduced rather than Catania, which is supposed to be the HUB of the Mediterranean.

In any case, UP.

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Because they needed an airport that was bigger than INN, but not too big. Also welcome to the forum!

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Catania isn’t bigger than Bari, they’re similar (and I Rhino Bari Is bigger than Catania)

Catania is much larger than Bari.

Bari averages 600 flights per week, compared to Catania’s 980.

Let’s talk at the passenger level.

In addition, Catania has 31 stalls for aircraft.

Sorry i haven’t too mucho knowledge I’m Just 12 years old

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