New Playable Airports - Europe

Manchester Airport (MAN)
Ringway, Manchester, United Kingdom

Primary Runway is 23R/05L, measuring 10,000ft. Secondary runway is 23L/05R, measuring 10,007ft.
MAN uses a mix of dual and single runway operations based on the time of day, for example in the morning 23L is used for departures whilst 23R is used for arrivals, then 23R for departures and arrivals in the afternoon.

MAN handled 23,364,471 passengers in 2022 and 65,403 tonnes of freight across a total of 151,724 movements.

MAN is used as a base for the following airlines; Jet2, TUI Airways, easyJet, Ryanair, Virgin Atlantic and Aer Lingus UK. It also use to be a base for both Flybe and Thomas Cook.

Destinations from MAN can include the following, starting with the 10 busiest; Tenerife South, Dublin, Dubai, Alicante, Palma de Mallorca, Amsterdam, Antalya, Doha, Malaga and Paris CDG. Further destinations can also include Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Ibiza, Belfast International, Belfast City, London Heathrow, Orlando, New York JFK, Keflavik, Maderia, Faro and so on! I must also mention MAN has, or had flights to 5 of the existing in game airports, these being Washington, Innsbruck, Prague, Bari and Muscat.

MAN offers a different layout than other airports, having a number of piers across its 3 passenger terminals and numerous remote stands used for both passenger and the occasional cargo flights (with the airport formerly having numerous cargo routes from airlines such as China Airlines Cargo and Cathay Pacific Cargo, and FedEx, who operated a very short 757 service to BHX). It also offers hangar space, with Jet2 having their primary maintenance base at MAN. The airport is also very well known amongst spotters, and this can easily be replicated in game with spotting cameras at South Side, the Airport Pub and the Runway Visitor Park, which also houses a selection of aircraft including a Trident 3, Nimrod, Avro RJX100, the nose of Monarchs sole DC-10 and most importantly British Airways Concorde G-BOAC. The airport is also working on serious improvements, with the second pier recently starting construction.

  1. Hamburg Airport
  2. Flughafenstr. 1-3, 22335 Hamburg, Germany
  3. HAM
  4. Runway 15/33 (3666 x 45,8 m)
    Runway 5/23 (3250 x 45,8 m)
    4a. Passenger & Cargo

5a. Lufthansa, Eurowings, Ryanair, Condor…
7. nice number of manageable stands, also a nice airport overall


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I agree MAN would be a great addition. It could also offer a new facet to the game, with it being half way through a transformation plan, it could be the first airport on WOA that can be developed in real time, so when the second pier opens at T2, it becomes available to build in WOA. Whereas I don’t believe any of the current airports in game have had any expansions or redevelopments since being added (MCT aside as it was designed in line with the full MCT plan).


Chance for the primary runway to alternate as well based on the local time of the airport

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Dublin airport
Eastern Ireland
The main runway is runway 28L/10R which is 2.637M/8.652FT the other runway Runway 28R/10L 3.109M/10.200FT However it is restricted from 9.00 in the morning to now 23:00 at night due to noise since it is close to a town.
The airport is mainly passenger but also has a few cargo arrivals
Here is 2 maps of the airport

The airport is the main hub for Aer Lingus which is Ireland’s flag carrier. It is also the hub of one of Europe’s biggest low cost airline Ryanair. British Holiday Airline TUI also has a hub. ASL airlines has a Hub for Cargo flights to Europe. And there is a proposed hub for easyJet since they applied slots there.
Here is a list of destinations from dublin, London Heathrow,London Stansted, London Gatwick, London Luton, Manchester, Donegal ,Kerry, Shannon, Knock, Cork, Belfast, Lanzarote, Izmir, Paris CDG, Málaga, Faro, Munich, New York, Boston and Orlando

I think it is a great Airport Cause it has a lot of special arrivals like in April this year where air force 1 landed while the US President was visiting Ireland and Northern Ireland. Loads of unique aircraft land to be repainted cause there is a IAC facility here. Lots of private jets land there every day. And there is even a helicopter base for the Irish Coast Guard. Heading mainly around the north and south of Dublin. It also is an emergency stopover in case of an emergency. So I think it would be nice if it was added into the game.

  1. Vilnius International Airport
  2. Lithuania
  3. VNO
  4. RWY 01/19 (2515m/8250ft) used for both passenger and cargo

Main airlines to use VNO are Ryanair, airBaltic, Wizz Air, Getjet Airlines and Avion Express (the latter two are not ingame)
6. Hurghada, Antalya, London-Heathrow, London-Stansted, Berlin, Brussels, Paris-CDG, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Innsbruck, Bari, Prague, Leipzig (Cargo), Stockholm-Arlanda, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Riga, Warsaw
7. This airport would offer a great opportunity for use of A220s, as airBaltic operates a fleet of only A220s. The airport is also growing and has seen several widebodies, including Air Force One. GetJet also operated the first A330 of the Baltic States from VNO. A new terminal is under construction and the existing departure terminal has recently been renovated.


1, London City Airport
2, Royal Docks Newham London
3, LCY
4, 09/27 1,508m / 4,948ft
4a, Passenger only

6, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Belfast-City, Berlin, Billund, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Edinburgh, Florence, Frankfurt, Geneva, Glasgow, Ibiza, Málaga, Palma de Mallorca, Rotterdam, Zürich Bergerac, Chambéry, Faro, Jersey, Milan-Linate Mykonos, Nice, Prague, Quimper, Salzburg, San Sebastián, Skiathos, Split, Thessaloniki , Frankfurt, Antwerp, Luxembourg, Isle of Man, Vilnius.
6a, the aircraft would be limited with Twin Otter, all ATRs apart from the cargo variants, A220-100, BAe 146, Dash-8 Q400, EMB 170, EMB 175 and EMB 190 and Saab 340.
7, London City would be a good airport because how unique it is from the steep approaches and climb outs, to being set in London Docklands with Canary Wharf and O2 Area ( Millennium Dome) in real world only certain certified aircraft and trained pilots can fly into LCY so it be good to see it in game.


I think it would be good as an alternative starting airport, as it is similar to Innsbruck, but that may also be why it wouldn’t be added

Wroclaw Airport
11/29 2,503M/8,212FT

Buzz Enter Air Ryanair Wizz Air
Warsaw, Budapest, Seoul, Washington, Dublin, Antalya, Dalaman, Zurich, Frankfurt, Munich, Gran Canaria, Fueturentura, Amsterdam, London Luton, London Stansted Gdansk, Warsaw Modlin Krakow Katowice, Riga.
Wroclaw airport is near the city of Wroclaw in Poland although it is a small airport Large aircraft like 787, A330 and even the 747 can land there. It is also used regularly by the US air force, Polish Air force and NATO cause they based some troops there. Enter Air fly’s to mainly Holiday destination from Wroclaw. They also serve Irish Largest airline Ryanair, Wizz air also based some aircraft in Wroclaw. Interesting facts some flights are charter flights mainly to Turkey like Electra airlines MGA and Freebird Airlines operating on behalf of tour operators.


Dalaman airport
Near the town of Dalaman
01/19 3,000M/9,843FT
Finding the Current charts for the airport is Really hard but this is the best I could find.

Pegasus, Sun Express, Freebird Airlines, Corendon Airlines
Istanbul, Ankara (Bodrum, Izmir and Antalya Transfer flights only) Vienna, London Heathrow, Belfast, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Dublin, Wroclaw, Prague, Belgrade, Burgas, Budapest, Bratislava, Athans, Frankfurt, Munich.
Dalaman is an airport near the town of Dalaman in Turkey. It is served by many holiday Airlines and charter airlines such as Sun Express Freebird Airlines and Corendon Airlines which fly’s tourist from mainly Europe. Other holiday Airlines like TUI also comes but uses Freebird Airlines to do there flights. It is also Surged by the Turkish air force which is heavily restricted to enter. Now finding the airport charts for Dalaman airport is really hard as I eather get the background of the airport or get a really outdated Charts before the new terminal was built. I will trow In some pictures of what it looks like but someone please tell me where I can find a detailed, updated charts. The pictures I will trow in is picture from XPlane or Real life. The last 2 picture underneath is the picture I took before heading back to my home airport in Dublin back in June 2023


Aero Lingus? Or Aer Lingus?
Oh and they use the A321Neo

Sorry Aer lingus the auto correct thinks the air line does not exist

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  1. Örebro Airport (Örebro Flygplats)

  2. Flygfältsvägen 8, Örebro, Sweden

  3. ORB / ESOE

  4. RWY 01/19 (10728ft long, class 4E runway)

4a. Mainly cargo and charter traffic

5a. Operators:

ASL Airlines:
- Type: CARGO
- Typical aircraft: B738 (Operated by ASL Airlines France &/or FedEx Express), B734 (Operated by ASL Airlines Belgium &/or FedEx Express)

- Type: CARGO
- Typical aircraft: B752 (Operated by DHL Air Austria), B734 (Operated by CarGoAir), B733 (Operated by CarGoAir)

- Typical aircraft: AT43 (Operated by Zimex Aviation Austria), AT72 (Operated by Zimex Aviation Austria)

- Typical aircraft: B738 (Operated by Ryanair), B38M (Operated by Ryanair)

- Typical aircraft: B738 (Operated by Jettime)

Sunclass Airlines:
- Typical aircraft: A321 (Operated by Sunclass Airlines)

BRA Braathens Regional Airlines:
- Typical aircraft: A319 (Operated by Braathens International Airways)

- Typical aircraft: B38M (Operated by TUIfly Nordic)

  1. Destinations: ARN Stockholm (JUP), GOT Gothenburg (JUP, FPO), OSL Oslo (FPO), HEL Helsinki (TAY), CPH Copenhagen (BCS), CDG Paris (FPO), BRU Brussels (TAY), STN London (RYR), SPU Split (BIX), RHO Rhodes (JTD, VKG), LCA Larnaca (JTD), CHQ Chania (JTD), PMI Palma Mallorca (JTD, VKG), LPA Gran Canaria (JTD, VKG), TFS Tenerife (BLX), AYT Antalya (JTD).

  2. This airport would be good for the game so people can see how such a small regional airport can be so fundamental for a country’s development. As a matter of fact, this airport has a long enough runway to fit the (now extinct) Antonov An-225. It actually received its little brother; Antonov An-124 a few times.

    Örebro Airport is a very important airport for the development of the whole of Scandinavia, therefore it could be interested


Bucharest Baneasa Airport

  1. Bucharest, Romania
  2. BBU, LRBS
  3. 25L (3200X45 m)

Can handle passanger flights, cargo flights and charters. Size XL (Boeing 747-400 also land here)

  1. Now is operated by two airlines (FLY LILI -charters , and AEROITALIA- regular flights to Rome)

It would be great because is near the city.

hi guys, how would AMS/EHAM aka Amsterdam Schiphol Airport look like?

Like how many M gates, S gates, L gates, X gates, and cargo gates.


On last Q&A program, developers said that after Heathrow and Delhi airports they will develop small airports.

My suggestions is to make Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo Airport.

Photo by: T.W. van Urk/Shutterstock

  1. Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo Airport
  2. Madeira islands, Portugal
  3. FNC
  4. 05/23 2781 meters/9,124 feet
    4A. Mainly passengers but they have 2 cargo flights daily
    5A. Some or airlines are: TAP Air Portugal, Azores airlines, Binter Canarias, Easyjet, Ryanair, BA, Transavia, Iberia Regional, Jet2, Edelweiss, Swiss, Lufthansa, Tui Fly, Wizzair, Condor, Eurowings, Norwegian, SAS, Sunclass, Avion Express and others.
  5. More than 50 destinations mainly in Europe. They have long haul flights to New York and in the future to Canada and Caracas, Venezuela.
  6. This airport will be the best option to the game because is a small airport, worldwide known by many awards winning because of the infraestructure of the runway based in columns and is worldwide known because is classified as one of the most dangerous approaches in the world due to strong winds and because of fantastic approach to runway 05. You can see a lot of videos and livestreamings in this airport. The apron is very good because can handle small/medium and Large planes and there are a lot of view points to see landings and take offs that can be put on the game.

Please use this thread for suggesting possible playable airports in Europe. When suggesting, please think about the game itself before you post.
Preference is 1 to 2 runways and parallel (no crossing runways. Yet.

Note: Russian airports will currently not be acceptable for proposals

  1. Airport name
  2. Airport Location
  3. IATA airport code (the 3 letter one)
  4. Main runway used/length of runway.
    4a. Passenger and/or cargo
  5. Screenshot of airport
    5a. Main airlines that utilize airport or are based there.
  6. A list of 20 initial destinations that could be set up for it
  7. Why you think this airport would be good for the game.

Please submit airports one at a time. Multiple airports on one post WILL be deleted
Check existing thread before adding new requests

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