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News! (news app has disapeared off my phone so Im typing this)

“stop war in Ukraine” says the side of multiple worldways alliance a319s as they fly from the multiple superhubs of the airlines, with horsepower air, Channex international, and many others changing the colors of their aircraft into the Ukrainians signature blue and yellow flag

Update for my airline

A few days ago some planespotters saw a couple unmarked a319 NEO’s doing flight testing at toulouse feild, to which they were unaware what airline they were going to at the time, until two days later a flight was scheduled for horsepower air, although according to flight radars the equipment only showed as “A19N” with no specifics, this puzzled spotters as they first thought it was a mistake, then realized that it was impossible as there would be no equipment for the flight as all other Leipzig based equipment was flying other routes, then, about an hour later an announcement was made by the ceo that new equipment was coming to the airline, the a319 neo, and that it was going to be a white livery as the contract was a lease from airbus until things could be worked out about a full purchase of multiple NEO’s, the ceo stated “currently only 2 are built, with one delivered and the other undergoing testing, around 5 more on order with plans to order more” he also said what they were going to be based at: “the NEO’s will be based at only the large airports such as Prague, Washington, Nagoya, Muscat, and Leipzig, with the first being delivered to Leipzig and the second going to Nagoya within a week (as of 2 days ago)” the welcome fought for the equipment is a Leipzig-Bari route and where the NEO’s will fly in Leipzig, the equipment was said to “planned to be operated to Washington and San Diego from Nagoya, Nagoya from Washington, Innsbruck and Bari from prague and muscat”,

In other News the worldways alliance is always growing and at rapid pace, and they always help as well, as they were during COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine, having sent supplies as long as they could until airspace was too dangerous to fly over the country, as of recently the antonov cooperation said they would send their thanks by manufacturing more an22s and an12s for any airline in the alliance, talks of more 225s and 124s have also been heard but nothing has been officially announced at the current time.


Got liveries and some more NEO’s (smaller story just to update the last)

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Horsepower air announces yet another fleet addition, the 737-400, the ceo stated “we have planes to grow more international flights and this plane is another addition to that hope, we hope to begin operating the a300 series and hopefully the 767” the plane is currently only operating from Nagoya with one plane because of the issue of not being able to find any planes, though talks with boeing have started to begin production if the planes, though they are pushing back with the fact that horsepower air is operating a predominantly airbus fleet in the pax market, though they agreed to restart production of the freighter version, with more going to horsepower air’s Leipzig and Washington bases

Boeing agreed to the restart of manufacturing of the 734, and the plane has had two delivered to Washington is the past day, with more going to Nagoya, Leipzig, and muscat, as well as approx 5 more to Washington

In other news for horsepower air, the purchase of the a319 neo has been halted until the planes show promise that have been purchased, so far all they are is debt and the ceo states: “the plane was a hopeful investment but now I am not sure if it was”

The alliance news has shown nothing new, except multiple airlines stating they will be flagship customers of the new 777-9 once production picks back up, as well as eying the other 777 models to top off their own fleets


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