NGO-BRI Connection Requests


Use this thread for NGO-BRI Connections Requests, Make sure you read the pinned guidelines before posting here.

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My NGO to your BRI
ID: sparejr
UTC: -5 (EST)
Play: 8-22 EST

requested :slight_smile:
I’m in UTC+8

If I calculated correctly you can send you planed from 10 am to 10 pm anytime
Sent mine out now, should have ETA 12.45

LFC my NGO to your BRI

ID: SlothMaster04
Time: UTC+1

Playing at various times, mostly in the morning

Requested :slightly_smiling_face:

User Name: Weißer Luchs 11

I‘m UTC +1

I‘m online Most offen in the Morning and evening

Looking for connections from my BRI to your NGO


GMT +1

I’m looking for connection from my NGO to your BRI
username: kryll26
my timezone is GMT+2 (CET)
I play from late afternoon to evening (by my timezone)
waiting for your request

Hi, I send you a request. My timezone is UTC+2. playing mostly between 17:00 and 21:00

We played together in the past :slight_smile:

Hi all, i am vsb2001, looking for connection from my NGO to any of your airport. Currently having a small fleet but i am eager to expand. gmt/UTC+5.30 hrs

@vsb2001 , you need to post your requests in the appropriate threads. I moved this to the NGO-BRI one, but you will need to do the ones for the other airports. We do not allow separate threads for requests to keep the board clean for everyone.

Carlsberg 72 (Mod)

Ok thanks sir. Will keep it in mind.

Hi, i have sent a connection request to your BARI airport. vsb2001 here from NGO

Thanks I will accept later today

Thanks for the reply

Do you still play with your mct?

Yes, I am playing MCT and LEJ at the moment.

I finished connection MCT-NGO already, but have an open slot there. I am looking for MCT-LEJ and MCT-SAN.

I’m looking for a partner from mct to my ngo

I’d like to complete my INN-LEJ
could you help me to finish it please?

I send you a request.