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I don’t know can be this bug repeated… And for how I get this, or after what, I think after game crash, time for handling planes freeze, so no matter what time I spend for their handling, their time stop in the beginning, like 11:00 for M and 30:00 for X. After restarting game, timer to begin work normal, but time begin count from start.

Time for generic and your own planes should freeze. However for connection planes because of then coding necessary to allow for an exact turnaround to max at 4 hours those continue to wind down. It frustrating i grant you but not much can be done there sadly

Timer freeze not in this meaning, I mean, that I have infinity to time to handling plane, timer for service worked, plane handled, but timer that mean you must it to handle in certain time freeze. Practically, thanks’ to that bug you can to handle every plane for perfect score, and you don’t worry, can you handling plane in time or not, because you had infinity time for this.

At the marked area, (right where the M planes turns on taxiway after landing) E190 and A320 taxi speed is very slow. Sometimes its fine, but in 90% of cases its very slow. Only noticed the E190 and A320.

AMS give less money, then other 4900MN-5200NM destination.
6930 vs 9300 average.

Ghosts A343!
Nonexisted Flight J27225 Azerbaijan from Baku in completely white livery.

only A346 on this Route


I want to see that! I’m going to see if I can get it!

Is there and invisible plane blocking the ANA B738’s stand?

Sometimes planes get stuck like this:

Red plane in slot 2 is trying to pushback, but is blocked by the queue taxiing. The taxiing planes are stucked waiting for the red one to pushback.

Although there’s enough space, why wouldn’t this plane connect to stand?

That jetway connection doesn’t look right… The secondary is normal, the main has the main jetway texture

It’s a frequent bug in ngo… week to week happens

X planes on collision course. One approaching gate 10, one departing gate 13.

My A388, call sign JAXHB seems to be stuck at airport. It’s been there for days. Any ideas how I can get this back? Nagoya airport. Appreciate any help.

And as if by magic, it just arrived!

It was likely stuck in your arrival queue

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Planespotting Camera Disabling Plane’s Camera

When the planespotting cam is on, it disables the plane’s own cam, causing its icon to vanish altogether & be replaced with a totally false notice that the plane is still “in the air”. The specimen screenshots below amply illustrate it. As can be seen, the planes have already landed & are taxiing to their stands but their cam icons are gone, replaced with that erroneous notice. However, the moment the cam angle is switched from planespotting to any other, the planes’ cam icons are immediately back & things start working perfectly normally. Please get this fixed ASAP as the planespotting cam is one of my favorite cam positions and in this mode, the plane’s own cams deliver some unbelievably good views that I never fail to capture as screenshots - something that I, alas, can’t do now & till this bug is resolved! Thanks.

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