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I’ve just seen on the feedback forum that a timer for our own aircraft will be introduced in the next update, and I’m wondering if this will only be the time the aircraft is on the ground and not the time the aircraft is in the holding queue? And also if the timer will be greatly inflated from the handling of regular aircraft?

My memories when I read it on the feedback page:

I am wondering if we need a timer for own aircrafts at all… Where is the point of deploying something like that?

Probably it is the idea of the levels what is behind it - if you don’t handle your own airplane in time you don’t get bonus points and you don’t reach a new level.

I can understand that in general, BUT guys is that really needed for own planes? E.g. I handle most of my own planes during the day and in the evening and collecting them without sending. In the morning before work I quickly release all of them to make it possible for my connection partners to handle them. The timer would mean I would probably never reach a new level if I want to serve my connections. :smiley: If you don’t have the full control of your own fleet anymore and got forced to send them out right away it is not a step in the right direction in my opinion.

Anyway we probably can’t do anything against it because it is already in development for the next update. I think there are really other, more important things to work on, but that’s only my opinion and most of the ideas of the devs were pretty good. So I hope the devs have again a good plan behind it and I may like the timer at the end… Who knows now, I will wait for the update to come.


I have these concerns too, I will basically have to wipe out my BRI L fleet if it’s the landing timer too amongst other changes.


I’ll probably quit the game if that is introduced. You need to have control over your fleet. Putting a timer on that does no add any improvements to the game.


My thoughts aswell @ICEgamer1705, I personally think we don’t need the timer as our own aircraft are there to make us decent amounts of revenue. At my NGO I have a decent number of L aircraft, combining my own with the AI traffic and it will become extremely difficult to move from one level to another! I don’t mind the timer when aircraft are on the ground, but I hope we don’t have a timer for the arrival queue

That’s my main concern, the arrival queue timer. Hopefully one of the devs see this thread and can enlighten us with for of the details regarding how the system shall work

it will be exactly same as for generic planes (own aircrafts will not anymore have unlimited waiting time).

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Thanks for the response! Is there no way the arrival queue timer for L aircraft at BRI in particular could be extended for connection flights? And will our aircraft remain on the arrival queue if they have run out of time?

What will be effect of that to owner planes parked at airports that are not actively played?

SAN will be problematic too.

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Indeed, PRG might become problematic aswell if an L or XL aircraft is occupying stands for player aircraft

so what happens when the timer expires. As a player i do not like the idea of losing control of when i could send my planes off…

You have players all over the world… different time zones… different play styles… and availability. How is that an improvement with respect to playability?


You make a good point there, it came to me that by having a timer we will most likely be unable to complete levels as the airports will become full with generic aircraft when our player flights are due to arrive.

It’s finally a way to reduce my playing time. I will only log in when I know my planes are back.

From what I understand, the timer is simply there to impact on the new season/level system. When the countdown timer gets to zero, your plane isn’t going anywhere. I’m guessing it will stop people stockpiling 20 XL planes at IAD and then sending them all off at the same time and getting a huge boost in the level system.
Want to improve your level? Send your plane in bonus countdown time.
Want to get a connection to 100? Let your plane sit at the airport until you need it, but be prepared to take a hit to your level.

I may be wrong, just my interpretation

I don’t think it’s the actual handling time most people are concerned about, it’s the arrival queue that will get the majority of us.

What do you mean arrival queue? The countdown timer doesn’t start until the planes lands I believe

The timer when you select an aircrafts gate (Holding slot is what I believe it’s called in game but I’m not to sure), that’s where the main issues may arise. If I have no stands because they are occupied by, say an EK 777, I would have to wait the 10 mins for it to clear the stand prior to accepting my own aircraft.

However… my point is that it takes away for the original essence of the game.

The "Dev"ening silence may indicate that this discussion is being looked at.