Passengers/goods on new planes and planes to/from maintenance

I notice that fresh planes that came from the factory was filled by passengers or goods.

The same with planes that came from maintenance.
And we need to feed planes that will go to maintenance.

I think it will be a good idea to remove the passengers/cargo in that cases :

  • new plane
  • plane going to maintenance
  • plane from maintenance


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Also I think, it would be cool if a certain number of passenger boards each plane. For example, 100 passengers boards in 3 mins 20 secs and in other same type of plane, 120 passengers boards in 4 mins. I want this to happen in every single handling process instead of just the fueling process.

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True… but not randomly

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As I noted in the thread linked above, this is a coding issue and the devs found it easier to implement utilizing what they had already done rather than specifically coding a different requirement for delivery and maintenance. So yes not as real as it would be, but it allowed quicker implementation of the feature.

There has been talk and I firmly believe down the road there will be a load factor feature implemented that either limits passengers per day or per aircraft so that you can send some planes out full but others may not be as a result. There’s a reason why airports don’t do 5x daily from IAD to MCT in real life as an example