Planes not pushing back @IAD

I don’t know if it has been brought up before but these two planes aren’t pushing back, even when there is no plane behind or waiting for them to push back.

Is this just a bad timing?

This could either be a bug or that situation where the internet connection isn’t stable or another handling vehicle is moving.

I know internet can’t be a problem as I am in the same room as my internet source.

It is the end of the month so expect that to be a slight factor but I do believe it’s because another plane is pushing back at the exact same time so give it a minute (or two) and it’ll pushback. (hopefully)

Couldn’t be bothered waiting… Exited then came back, so the aircrafts could disappear.

Hi @Person ~ Not sure if you were serious or not… what does the “end of the month” have to do with the push backs?

That’s got something to do with the internet stability (it’s just common) but and the internet connection/stability does affect the pushback as if you have a google account or whatever’s in an iPhone it saves data to the cloud slowing down some game functions.

Thank you

I have the problem with L- & XL-aircraft at various gates at IAD, it’s a really annoying bug

I have full internet but it happened to me today too. A 787 not pushing back.

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I did not notice that. Thank you same thing planes get stuck.

This is still happening in the first airport.