Player Contracts?

I am regularly given the ability to pick up a contract from another player. How is that generated as I can’t see how I can offer a contract which must be the quid-pro-quo.

Also, and this might be related; quite regularly I get a message popup to say that player A has handled my plane at airport 1 and then that players B, C and D have also handled my plane at airport 1.
How does that work?

Basically, players have their fleet, and send them to destination. You can either send that plane to:
An airport NOT in the game (as in, you can’t play it)
An airport IN the game, but as a random arrival
An airport IN the game, but to a specific player

They have picked the second option, and the plane then flies over there. When you generate the contract, a random one of those planes is picked.

About your second question, you are sending a plane to an airport as a random arrival/a player contract (option2/option3)
When that player handles that plane, and clears it for pushback, that message appears.

This video might be worth a watch too if you want to know how to send the player contracts to a specific player. Hope all this helps!

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Or just look here :slight_smile: How to create connections in 2.0

I write that out for nothing :smiling_face_with_tear: