Prague (PRG) airport historical event

Hi all,

for those who don´t speak Czech, there started a new special historical event of first flight, that landed at PRG airport, it was on 5.4.1937 and the plane was DC-2 of ČSL (Czechoslovak air company - Československé letecké společnosti (now known as ČSA - Czech airlines)) first route was from Piešťany (Slovakia) - Zlín (Czech republic) - Brno to Prague (PRG airport). As a celebration event you can now find some historical planes at Old PRG terminal (near terminal 3). If you touch one of the DC-2 she will depart. So PRG airport has now 2 runways in use. :smile: :+1:t2: :partying_face:

One photo from departure. :wink:

Have a lot of fun. :smiley:



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Nice touch! :airplane: :small_airplane:

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I’ve gotta do this now, this is great!

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Oooh. Are they all usable ti to get some wings and achievements? Pity I ain’t got Prague!

Did it work for you? I could get any of the planes to take off


that’s correct, the DC-2 event has already ended.:confused:

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Too bad :frowning:


happily it looks like devs decided to turn on the event once again.:blush:
Try to find and touch this plane:


Thanks gonna go try it now

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Its not there for me. Weird lol

Try to restart the game (turn off and on) and wait until DC-2 arrive, sometimes it takes a while. :wink:

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Sure, tnx

You welcome. :innocent: :airplane:

I think I missed something. Looking all around my PRG and nothing… :frowning:


Hey, i dont know if the event is still there but i can tell you i barely got it anyway. As someone said earlyer it really does take a bunch of time ti see it. When playing PRG just check on the original terminal from time to time and you might see it. Also this is unconfirmed but both of the times i caught the event plane it happened at night, so take that into account