PRG: Prague

The complete, player curated guide, for PRG

Written by: @tako18126
Edited by: @Ivan0921 @SainsburysVan

Prague Airport/Václav Havel Airport Prague

General Info:
Prague is the first airport in the game which is capable of servicing all 4 tiers of planes. It is located in the capital of the Czech Republic and serviced around 17 million passengers last year.
Unlock requirements: Service 117,500 passengers at Bari.

Airport Overview


The airport features one OPERATIONAL runway with 4 taxiways. RWY 24 is the active one. RWY 12, which is perpendicular, is not used in-game, it can not be activated, and at this point never will be. RWY 12 is rarely used in real life. The 4 taxiways merge into two main taxiways(More on that later).

This is an overview of the airport. In this picture, you can see most of the terminals and the active runway. All planes take off and land from this side of the runway.

Each plane tier, (S, M, L, XL) all exit through different taxiways after landing, which are clearly visible.

This is the taxiway that all S sized planes exit the runway.

This is the exit used by all M sized planes. You can also see, the unused runway 12.

The orange arrows indicate where all L size planes exit the runway and the blue arrow indicates where all XL size planes exit the runway. You can see that the 2 taxiways merge into one long taxiway. The M plane taxiway also merges with this long taxiway as well.

Aircraft categories and expected arrivals


All aircraft categories are accepted at PRG. Airlines are mostly European.
S planes-ATRs and BAes are often seen. CRJ will not appear unless sent by other players.
M planes-A320s and B738 appear most frequently. E190s also occasionally appear with KLM and FINNAIR
L planes- All L sized planes will land at this airport. The Asian, American, European, and Australian(Fact check) carriers land.
XL planes- Both the 747 and A380 land at this airport.
Cargo- Both M and XL tier cargo planes land at this airport. No S cargo planes are accepted.

  • keep in mind L cargo planes still have not been implemented.

Stands, airport layout, costs


21 S Stands
20 M Stands
**3 L only stands
**4L or XL stands (interchangeable, ones attached to left and center concourse)
4 M Cargo Stands
2 XL Cargo Stands

note - to buy all stands othee than S, you need to buy advanced servicing building. It is located on the right side of the airport terminal, and left of RWY12. Also to buy extra stands you need to buy both the terminal and concourses.

Here are all the S stands at Prague. There are 21 of these S stands here. The bottom 6 stands are numbered left to right:70~76. The middle row is labeled: T6 & 60~65. The top row is labeled: 50~57. There is also an additional stand that can only accommodate L sized planes. (58)

This is the terminal that has 4 M stands (1,2,6,7). There is also two L/XL stand(3,5).

This terminal has 4 M stands as well (9,11,15,16). There are also 2 L/XL stands (13,14).

This terminal has 5 M stands (17,18,19, 20). There are also 2 L/XL stands (22,23)

This final terminal is all M stands. There are 7 stands (25~31).

Here are the 6 cargo stands. 2 XL and 4 M cargo planes can land here at one time. It is located closest to the departure end of the runway.

2000 ₩ for S stands.
4000₩ for M stands.
6000₩ for L stands.
8000₩ for X stands.

Cargo: Unlocking cargo operations requires you to purchase the terminal first.
10000₩ for terminal 3
4000₩ for M cargo stands
10000₩ for XL cargo stands
All extensions to terminals cost 10000₩

Aircraft movement (taxi paths, bottlenecks)


The movement of airplanes is straight forward.

For M planes, there is a junction where if the assigned gate is between 25~31, the plane will divert to the upper taxiway, while all other planes will continue to use the lower taxiway.

This is also a bottleneck region as most traffic that is attempting to go to the stands will intersect here.

Random notes


Do not buy more than 4-6 S stands. Cargo is highly reccomended, but only if you can afford to max out all required service vehicles, i.e., most importantly the cargo vehicle. This is beacuse cargo turnarounds are incredibly slow and cant be sped up. Without upgrades one 747 turnaround can take 60++mins.



Similarly to BRI, PRG is limited buy the single runway it operates. Furthermore it is limited buy the fact that the taxi times for anything but S planes are very long. Once again, bulk play is advised. It is more efficient here because its profit scales with size. Keep in mind bulk play on a fully upgraded PRG can increase frequency of game crashes on weaker devices.

As for play styles, as was mentioned in BRI, c ontinuous play over time backs up traffic at the airport, and leaves most stands empty especially with PRGs ling taxi times. Continuous play is not recommended. A plane pushing back from a stand on the concourses stalls the movement of many taxiing planes. Takeoff queues are frequent, along with landing queues.
Bulk play is reccomended.

note - in the beggining obviously use continuos play. Bulk is only for when youre almost maxed on stands and servicing efficiency and you start getting takeoff queues - trust me, you will know it when you see it.


  1. After transporting 250k passangers IAD is unlocked.
  2. After handling 100 E90s in bonus time, the option to purchase the plane with ₩ is unlocked for free.
  3. Default achievements for 100 airport and player connections (streaks). Two achievements per airport - INN, BRI, IAD, NGO.

Special events


Prague Airport (PRG) can be unlocked immediately using a special QR code located on the Prague Airport website:

Near Terminal 3 (South terminal) is a special historical event with DC-2, that will fly away when touched.
More about it here: Prague (PRG) airport historical event

Play related categories

Connectivity (for player planes)


This chapter will not go into as much detail as was done in BRI simply because there is too much to cover.
Bolded - destination available on multiple plane sizes
Italicised - player destination
In brackets - price in ₩

S planes - [yet to be written]
M planes - [yet to be written]
L planes - [yet to be written]
X planes - [yet to be written]

Player strategies


@Ivan0921 suggests: do not buy any S stands, immediatelly invest in M stands. If you have gold planes to spare: buy one concourse and get L/X stands to jump start you. If not: mainly invest in a few M stands then proceed to L/X. As mentioned bulk play after a while is reccomended. I suggest maxing out PRG because it nice for grinding golden planes, which you will need a lot of if you want a sped up start in IAD.

Final thoughts


All relevant info was covered above. If you can afford to, invest gold planes into PRG at the start to speed up your ops. Any investment will be recouped with some time. Also get an extensive fleet to help you out.