Prediction for next update

I wanna ask everybody two things. When do you think we could be seeing the next update and what the update could be. Two possible outcomes of the next could either the a320 remodel or maybe Sydney airport? We’re looking at what, probably summer for the next update? What do yall think

If you what to know when the update will come out read this: When is the next update coming?


The answer in short is when everything is ready. Considering no very detailed info in relation to this update, I suggest it could require more patience from us.

SYD should be very likely as I remember devs said SYD will be a thing in the next major update. A320 family would be a bit complicated but from what I see it could be partly done (and further works to be done) in the next update. This is not officially confirmed so let’s just wait and see.

Actually you have it backwards (at least the way I’m understanding it)
The next major update is the entire a320 series (as far as I know, things may have changed) and the next major update after that is when we get SYD

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Next update is 2.3, which will have the new taxiing system and the A320 family, and SYD airport is the next airport but we do not yet know whether that is coming in 2.3 or not. My personal guess is yes

I’m gonna guess no since we don’t know where they’re at in terms of development. SYD is in a new area which requires a lot of new liveries, and they’re already preoccupied with the A320.

So unless the modeling work is already done, I wouldn’t expect it.

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Was the modelling for SYD not done like two months ago?

Yeah they released a ton of teaser screenshots with SYD modelling finished at the end of January



Aight sounds like SYD is not next update

Yeah but it won’t be here for a while my original guess would be in June or July but it now looks like it would probably be August, September maybe even October but who knows

If that’s the case it’s a shame that we can’t get SYD earlier. But I understand why the devs chose to focus on 2 new things rather than adding all 3 in one update that’ll take who knows how long. At least this way I can enjoy the new content coming with 2.3.0 while waiting for the eventual SYD release.

I think the original plan was SYD and A320.

From the sound of the information, they spontaneously decided to completely revise the taxiway system. As it has been said before, the taxiway system is the most complex and time consuming at any airport. Now you have to imagine (at least that’s my understanding) that every airport is being overhauled in this regard. On top of that we are expecting the biggest and most complex remodel ever. I think SYD is still possible in summer, but be patient.

As they always say: it’s ready when it’s ready.


It is, I mean they have a 3d model that may or may not need more work. But I was mainly talking about all the new liveries they would need

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Ohhh I see yeah fair

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