PRG-BRI Connection Requests


Use this thread for PRG-BRI Connection Requests. make sure you read the pinned guidelines before posting

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Looking connection
From my PRG to your BRI

User ID : kuba12234456
Timezone : UTC+2 (Warsaw, Berlin, Praha),
playing at 9am to 9pm my time

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You can add me. Same time zone.

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@SomeGuy98345 I added you

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I need a connection from my PRA to a Bari airport. Anybody who can connect with me?

GMT +2

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Hey Ben.

Tell me your username, then i add you. :blush::blush:

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I sent a DM

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Hi, looking for a connection

In-game name: ThiruAirlines
UTC: +9:30
Play at random times
Feel free to privatly message me for a connection aswell!

Hi looking for connection From my PRG to your BRI.

Time zone +2
Playing mostly in the morning through the late afternoon sometimes later.

ID - liquidaura51


Hello. I am looking for connection from my PRG to your MCT airport (also have all other connection from my PRG free)

ID: Fedo285
Time zone: GMT +1
Playing mostly in the evening from 10pm to 2am (my time).
Fleet: 11x S; 19x M; 5x L; 1x X

Feel free to add me. All routes from my PRG free.

Looking forward for cooperation

Requested from INN, BRI and IAD

@Gardscoigne, hello again.
How are you today?
I hope well.
So my friend, I’m trying to connect my BRI airport with your PRG airport.
I’m grateful again.

Sure, go for it!
I left Prague after we completed our connection so hadn’t seen!

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