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Destination LGG Liege, from interface show that he can recive L cargo and passagenrs aircraft.

But, when you try to send your L passanger plane, destination even don’t show in list for depart.

visuell bug in Cargo section from spotting point

Interesting plane stuck between the terminal and the jetbridge.

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That’s a bug where the plane spins, been there for a while

Fun when that happens, but yes has been there for a while. Will report it again however

Thank you @horsepowergeek & @carlsberg72 … first time I saw it.

I have 4 “X” stands but will only ever get a max of 3 at anytime? Is this a ratio factor that you need a certain number of the smaller stands first?

How many arrivals do you have, are they the same 3 arrivals?

I pass this level but not get the golden airplane. How to do

You got a golden key :key:, not a golden plane!

You need the key to unlock destinations.


Or save it for another airport.

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:+1: Or that!

The Ethiopian Connection is missing.

752F does a dance when pushed back at spot E2. It gets on track after a few seconds but still a bit silly.

Hi everybody, I have a problem I don’t know if it’s a bug or if I missed something but I opened 2 L slots on the last terminal a the extrem left of the airport but it doesn’t purpose me the landing when a plane arrive…

Some ideas?

If you ask about civil planes, than those gates only for Cargo plane L/X. And this terminal for cargo planes.

Oh! OK! Thx for your answer!