Qanot Sharq (A21NX)

Hi developers

Please consider increasing the range of all aircrafts. Keep the stop over option as in real life. A388 is a sitting duck, it has no range to reach syd from lhr. But in reality it has 9000 to 10000 nm i believe. Plz consider this request.

En qué aeropuerto lo encuentro en el juego


Ok, i was wrong but does a380 in the game go even above 6000 nm? I dont think so.

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No plane currently in the game can operate LHR to SYD with a normal flight load. The only planes that can are specially modified A350s that aren’t in service yet.


So thats why stop overs can be kept. May be other player airport or a non player airport. Lhr to mct n the mct to syd or else lhr to mumbai n then mumbai to syd. This can spice up regular gameplay, give wollars n sp to other player providing stopovers n then probably add delay like feature for more efficient play.