Question about Connection Details

Hi @shill,

You wrote that in January:

  • Player connections - details (that will show where connection planes are + when they will arrive)

Do you have any update on that? Will it be part in one of the next updates?

I would love to see this feature, because the push up notifications aren’t really reliable on my side so I am surprised from connection planes sometimes.



Has anyone a feedback on that? This feature would be really awesome and would make connections much easier especially with these long flights to/from Nagoya…


so this feature is not implemented yet?

Why it is mentioned in about-the-connections-mini-tutorial then? It is confusing for new players like me.

I promise I will ask again and again and again. Any feedback on that?

As promised:
Are you still working on it or will it never come? I would love to see such a handy feature much more than another minigame to be honest.

The feature is in your manual already and was announced in January…

Hey! I’m not sure. Sorry for the late reply (Sadly I’m not @shill) so I’m not 100% sure about it. But I agree this feature would be cool, the radar we have now I know from a few people that it is laggy and they would prefer the game having one Only for there aircraft. I see how that could work but I don’t believe that it would work.

So yes. Sorry for the late reply.
I don’t think this was That much of a help.

Yeah, thanks for the feedback at least. It seems to be easier to get new information on Facebook… :smiley:

I think the radar is nice to have but does not really help for the connections. It takes way too long to search for all the connection planes and also you need to remember the arrival times when you are playing. Especially if you are playing all airports and if you are only handling a few planes in a lunch break or something like that. I missed so many connection planes in PRG and BRI already because I just accepted a different plane to land and a second later a connection plane arrived :smiley: It is a kind of frustrating to speed up the whole handling process and still miss the connection plane by a few seconds :smiley:

I am just wondering because it was part of the announcements already and @player3235746748 noticed it in the manual.

Anyway thanks! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it will be part of the next update, or the one after, or after… :wink: