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D may 17th I think

May 6th I believe the other options seem to far-fetched

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Spot the difference

⚠️ Disclaimer ⚠️

I cannot think of a good few answers for the poll therefore I won’t be adding the poll in this quiz unfortunately

  1. Plen heppy :smiley:
  2. Words on the gpu (aer lingus and yellow warning)
  3. Aer lingus douglas word on the pushback truck
  4. Aer lingus logo and word ps87 on the front airstair
  5. Aer lingus word on the back airstair
  6. (I don’t think if anyone notice it, but the camera moved a bit)

wow that’s a lot of Aer Lingus


Only now i realized this,and i’m sorry it has even happened.
I messed up severly bad.I forgott that the earliest news regarding Air India’s A320neo with the new livery were on 3rd of May.But when i found out,it was too late not only on this forum,but also on my timezone.It was literally 10:30 PM over here when i found out.

However,i wanna say that those who voted May 6th also get a heart since that was the closest date to the actual date of the earliest info regarding the Air India A320neo in full livery.

Thank you for understanding.

The amount of logos that have been painted off is insane.On the 2nd image,the A320 logo has been replaced with a happy face,the stairs’ logos look like they have been painted white,same goes for the PS87 on the stairs,which has been painted in the same color,the Aer Lingus Douglas text on the pushback cart(??)is gone and replaced with green paint,same goes for the Aer Lingus 90kVA text on the thing on the left(idk what it’s called).And the last differnece is the camera,which appearently pretty much moved(same angle probably too)

The 2nd picture(other than the last difference) is nearly a copyright free version of the 1st.

Yea pretty much

All of you who guess the difference are correct, the camera view is at the same angle but is zoomed in slightly. Especially the logo that have been swapped into a face (the logo at the front kinda looks like a face :sunglasses:)


Alright, it’s time for another quiz, so here you go: Who will be the next member of One World?

  • Oman Air
  • SAS
  • Fiji Airways
  • S7
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Times up! The correct answer was Fiji Airways. Congrats to @Thatflyerguy for getting it correct. SAS is actually joining Sky Team, not One World in case you were wondering.


Reply quick :slight_smile:

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Alike minded :blush:

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Apparently the tag came from @Stefan, checked the edit to the message and can’t see any mention though. How peculiar.

However I shall move all this where the rest of the quiz stuff goes.

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