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As a Japanese national, I would like to inform you of the situation as we know it.

All 400 passengers and crew on board were evacuated, and some were injured, but their lives were not lost.
However, the Japan Coast Guard on the other side of the collision had 6 people on board, and 5 of them were killed in the line of duty.The only surviving captain is in critical condition, and we do not know what will happen to him.

In the meantime, according to those who have already heard the air traffic control, the air traffic controller gave the order to “stand by,” but there is a strong possibility that the Coast Guard made a mistake in hearing the message.
We will have to hear more details.

The accident is also due to the fact that the material (carbon) of the aircraft made it impossible to erase.Airbus investigators are coming, and depending on the data from this case, it may be helpful for future development.


The extend of the damage of the A350 incident


It was so young to dye :sob:

Not sure if it’s confirmation bias or coincidence, etc, but I have FR24 set to notify me if there’s any general emergencies or failed comms anywhere in the world (squawk 7600/7700) and it’s been a LOT of A350s that I’ve seen compared to other acft.

It’s die not dye

A lot have been medical emergencies, but another I’ve seen a lot of is aircraft down in the South America’s.

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Now this is unbelievable
A Virgin Atlantic Flight from Manchester to New York almost got cancelled after a passenger Found missing screws on the wing of the A330


Even Airbus ain’t safe no more💀

I believe after once the crew saw this they probably called maintenance to add the missing screws and tighten up all the screws

This airline should be punished by their local aviation authority.

A passenger tweet to Aer Lingus on twitter that was on from Barcelona to Dublin which was EI-EDP which shows dirty row not only there was stuff on the floor but also there is safety equipment like a lifejacket on the floor which makes this row far more dangerous. Below is the link

Aer Lingus is seriously getting worse and worse by using defective aircraft in regular operation. In fact I even experienced as well in November last year on EI-DEL where the seatbelt light was burned out and to make it worse a toilet was disabled and the one that was not disabled was also broken. Now I only got the burned out light but believe me it did happen.

Or even this guy on TripAdvisor where he posted a few pictures where his seat was not only dirty but also falling apart on EI-EIL an ex Qatar airways aircraft.

So guys although this is not big news please stay away from this airline. If you want you might make a partition against this airline go ahead. Let’s get the airline local aviation authority to get there finger out and get this airline the punishments that they deserved.


Airbus has launched its own airline with 5 old belugas called Airbus beluga transport
so current belugas has to be replaced by belugaXL for event arrival and reward contract .
and belugaST should be available in maps
what do you guys think ??


Not surprised tbh as with no AN-225 anymore, their lacks aircraft for heavy cargo role.

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They cannot actually carry heavy cargos but oversized cargos
It’s capacity is only 47 tonns
It’s volume is more than 748 and 744 and even
Dimensions are also bigger than an124


Red Wingss restarted flights on passangers tu214! It was first flight yeasterday from Moscow to Sochi. They planned to fly these aircrafts to the Armenia, Izrael and George.


Wonder how long they can keep them running, even a homegrown airliner…

Blimey Aer Lingus is getting bad but then again isn’t BA? What are their NEOs like?

Sadly I have not been on an EI A320NEO yet so I don’t know what there product is yet.
And BA and EI are part of IAG which follows each other products


Absolutely shocking

You might heard of this incident last week if not an Avion Express A320 (LY-NVL) had a very nasty runway excursion at Vilnius airport. Not only the aircraft was covered in mad and grass but also the underside is also damaged.

The aircraft is made in 2011 and was delivered to one of Europe largest low cost airline Wizz air. It than went to Avion Express in September last year. Perhaps Avion Express is using Slave pilot labour from Wizz air to land this aircraft.

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Flew down to TFS onboard G-LSAC today! Got delayed due to fog related disruption at MAN but managed pay a visit to the flight deck whilst waiting!


Wow. That was a coincidence. Do you have any pictures from flight deck?