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Say goodbye to these EI’s EX Qatar airways A330-300s as they are ripping out these seats and replacing them with a Much Much better interior.

The only hint of the EX Qatar airways feature remains is the spung overhead bins in business cabin, my message has finally got through. :slightly_smiling_face::wink:


Shame so many airlines are retiring the a330s but hopefully the neo lasts for a few more decades

They really are making a big deal of refurbishing 2 A330s, they sent me an email from AerClub promoting it :rofl:

Meanwhile BA didn’t send one about their updated short haul cabin, which is quite a big deal :man_shrugging:

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Really? Funny enough after you said it I look through my Gmail and Outlook account and there was no email from Aer Lingus about AerClub but All I can say, is don’t ever get it as there AerClub page is outdated and rubbish. Funny enough that my Emails are just a load Ryanair and Jet2 promotions from BFS and DUB tho

Ooo looks like FAT the ATR is coming after me and you for mentioning BA short haul cabin, I better now brace myself since it not far away

:joy: I forgot about the ba short haul cabin
And my dad works for the airline :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So emirates just announced their first 9 a350 routes, and MCT happens to be on the list, starting December 1! Flight number is EK866/867. It would be cool If we got to see this route ingame sometime this year.


but when would KLM get their A350s i mean they ordered it

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when they get delivered in 2026

I wonder if Emirates are gonna fly the 350 to any London airport or Atlanta or DFW cuz that’s were I usually am

Don’t think they will go to London, as the 3 London routes are either A380s or 777s. Edinburgh is being launched using A350s though

I don’t think so, but only airport in London where i see A350 is London Stansted switching the B777.

Well I’ll have to make the trip to Scotland :joy:
Or just go to Dubai

Ok ima do the UK news every Friday so today’s news is
that British Airways are going to start there new Orleans service on the Boeing 777-200ER during the winter 24-25 season

My own photo as they haven’t started yet

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Bonza was an Australian Budget airline launched on the 31st of January, 2023. A year and 3 months later on April 10th, 2024, the airline entered voluntary administration. Yesterday, the first of their 4 aircrafts have been returned to its owner, Flair.


It’s always ashame to see an airline go
Especially one that was starting to become more well known
But bankruptcy hits hard :sob:

Btw this is quick cuz I’m busy
A delta a321 cought on fire after landing at Seattle Tacoma
It was getting bags off or on and I think it was a light that set the fire off

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