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Absolutely Shocking
As you may know I flew on 2 aircraft belonging to Aer Lingus from Dublin to Barcelona and back. Let’s go into more detail about it
The first flight (EI-DVK) on the 30th of October 2023 was too be honest a enjoyable experience but not when I looked at the seat. I noticed that the safety card was on top of the seat and to rub salt into the wound yes the seat back pocket has been sealed up. How cheap and nasty is that I mean I payed about €150 or £131 for this and this is what I got. It did anger a lot of people when they find out… And if you don’t believe me well I have proof of it.

The 2nd flight to Dublin (EI-DEL) on the 2nd of November 2023 was even worse than the first one.
Thankfully the seat back pocket was not sealed up as if it did got sealed up it will probably be the worst flight I was on in 2023. But since it was not sealed up it significantly improved the seat quality. Don’t get me wrong the first flight was comfortable but when a seat pocket was sealed up it significantly decreased the quality of the seat. It feels like they are slowly becoming Ryanair.

However I noticed that the seatbelt sign light has been burned out (did report to crew about it) and it was only my seat row (which was row 25) as you can see on the other picture.

And top of that on take off I felt the worst turbalance I ever felt which I will not play as it has swearing in it. But things got out of hand really quickly although we were running late a brawl almost caused us to be diverted. On top of that a broken toilet (don’t have it) toilet roll that is empty and even the one that has will be used like have way and dirty Lavatory just to top it all off. What’s even worse the tap was not working and the water tanks were empty

But probably the worst thing that happened was on the ground in Dublin where we deplane with the Jet bridge that doesn’t seem like an issue but since I was sitting in the back there was even a stair truck pulled up to the back of the aircraft and the Crew straight up refuse to open the open the back door and since we were so so tired after the flight people asked again and again to open the back door again they said no. So instead between row 25 and over we have to push ourselves to open it again they refuse and while we were pushing to open the back door I noticed that the front was clear and In the end I said it was not worth it and just move to the front and got off. This was a similar incident back on 13th June 2023 which is on Freebird Airlines landed at Dalaman got the rear stairs pulled up but instead everyone was sitting down and the cabin crew did open the back door but one of the ground crew said that we will have to deplane via the front due to safety reasons. Fair enough we got off and left via the jetbridge of course we did not pushed like the last one.
Aer Lingus come on they know that aircraft was full of under 18 year olds and was too impatient to wait just attached the jetbridge and the stairs and get off but no its only via the front. And EI-DEL should be grounded for a load of broken stuff but (as of 3rd of December 2023) it is still flying in this condition.
Despite all the bad reports here are some positives
Crew was nice on both flights even met one of the pilots (I believe it was the Caption and bit of the first officer)
Probably catch EI-NSD which enters service the day after I arrived. Now I don’t know where it was parked but I think this picture might be it. But please let me know if it is EI-NSD.

Seat was comfy.
Nice food.
Smooth ride (1st one)
And about the random seat allocation well 1st flight was a bit unlucky got 14C and manage to swap with someone that was a classmate on my row managed to move to 11A later.
2nd flight was even better asked at check in if there is any available rear window seats and after dropping my bag and asking for any rear window seats I was lucky and got 25F which is the first time since 2019 I was sitting on the left on most of the time the right.

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Wow, seemed like a bad trip!

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Well that’s still better than that Freebird Airlines fight earlier this year.
And it’s a shame that Aer Lingus is going into a nosedive in quality to make it cheaper and cheaper in fact it’s my 2nd most flown airline apart from Ryanair
At least I was on one the better seats as some Aer Lingus A320 has seats that slim and have well basic no headrest. I experienced once on EI-EDS in August 2019

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My flights by airline:
TUI UK: 24
Easyjet: 2

Never flown Ryanair, always wanted to try it.

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Well where I live we only have Ryanair if I do want to fly easyjet I will have to go to the closest airport they fly which is Belfast which is an hour drive.
Although Ryanair is the most flowen airline the 2nd most flowen airline is Aer Lingus and the 3rd that’s Wizz air for European connections

I’ve been up and down the country for flying. I live near Luton but have flown from:

  • East Midlands (EMA)
  • Luton (LTN)
  • Gatwick (LGW)
  • Stansted (STN)

easyjet is a solid airline, nothing fancy. From what I can tell it’s just Ryanair but with Airbus aircraft, orange and a better reputation.

Tbf Ryanair and easyJet are better than a lot of full service carriers, I’ve never had a bad experience with either of them


I have been flying across Europe for about 15 years since I live just 22KM from Dublin airport which is only 10 minutes away I see lots of traffic arriving or departing the airport to Europe from the North runway on a clear day

Meanwhile me who lives 3 hours outside salt Lake and the only flights out of my airport are to Denver at the furthest

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Some pictures at Barcelona airport before boarding and on board my Aircraft home on the 2nd of November 2023 (EI-DEL was the aircraft I flew which named St Canice / Cainneach) (sorry for picture quality as it was night ,the lights were on and it was doubled windowed in Non EU/Schengen gates)

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Infinite flight was on maps and found the first A315. Looks like Aer Lingus was the first airline to have the A315 :laughing:


It looks like Tayto (Irish Crisps) is heading to North America or Europe to spread Tayto everywhere. So look out for him. :eyes:

Would you trust me if I was the captain of your flight?


My uncle is a pilot for air Canada so me my brother and my cousins got to go inside and fly air Canadas full motion fs(my landing was so good that they hired me at Ryanair🗿)

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Getting hyped for lhr

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Yea you can be hired for Ryanair or Freebird Airlines as on one of my flight I was on ,it landed so hard that I can feel my self being smashed into the ground. I still feel i even today 6 months later :flushed:

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Rip swoop(you won’t really be missed)

As soon as I saw the Max 8 I knew I was finished :joy:

At Hamilton International airport in Canada there is no Jetways, Just remote stands(like innsbruck). This was a really welcome sight to see especially as a Canadian because there aren’t many(I dont even know if there are any) International airports left that are like this

You cant lie this photo is tuff :triumph:

The two menaces to north American low cost air travel beside each other

:dove: 2018-2023 :dove:

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Although the Aer Lingus and Freebird Airlines flights were bad well I well tell you a story about what happened on my flight from Dublin to Wroclaw enjoy.

Disclaimer: some pictures were missing as I accidentally put my phone in the overhead bin which was my mistake and did not get it back before landing. Now after that flight it did turned out ok but at the start and for a bit it was a disaster.

On the 3rd of April 2023 I was about to go to the airport for my Ryanair flight from Dublin to Wroclaw on EI-EXE which is a 737-800 and before I head to the airport it already got on to a rubbish start. Now check in was fine but we were already running late by have an hour or so and I had arrived 3 hours before departure and once we made it to the airport the flight was delayed by 1 hour which I think something was not right and once I got to my gate it was delayed again by 2 hours due to french ATC strikes and since I arrived the aircraft tookoff at Reus and was supposed to fly over France but got rerouted. Although this was not all flights affected my flight was not the only one. After waiting for hours and got a gate change I finally saw the aircraft land and taxi to the gate. Although it finally ended the nightmare at the airport, I did got one slap in the face: Ryanair had assigned us to an 737-800 which although I like it better than the 737Max8 that aircraft had the old interior with the old thick seat which although they had good padding you basically get no legroom and there is no seat back pocket.
Despite the negative point I mentioned I will say that the flight went nice and smooth the food came around and did a fairly good landing despite the runway at Wroclaw being long enough to land a 747.
Would I recommend that airline? It really depends if you are carrying with not a lot of baggage or if on a short trip that would be fine but I would spend a little bit more money on a different airline if you do want to go on a long trip and if had a lot of baggage.
Picture of the aircraft I was on:

Before landing:

Interior (sorry for the lighting)

Hope this year’s Late Late toy show will still have lots of aviation lovers and travel as today is where the show starts. last year they contacted Aer Lingus and sent 3 children away to Disneyland and hired Pilot Aron as a pilot for the ATR72 and once on the A320. I will trow up some pictures of pilot Aron at the airport and I will included a full video of the toy show even though Ryan Tuberty attempted to get Fanta through security and promote people to visit before sending the children away Note: this is 2 hours long and wouldn’t included everything but if you want to see Pilot Aron and when they sent the 3 children away to Disneyland skip to 00:05 and 15:08 but if you want to watch the entire thing I will not blame you go ahead. Oh and be sure to look out for Aer Lingus tweeting about that show as they usually do it every single year :eyes:


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Well what do you know?
Aer Lingus is sending a child away to Disneyland in Orlando and she will be flying business class if it’s e
Either the standard or the Ex Qatar airways business this is on twitter and on YouTube skip to 5:35 to see the suprise