Real world Aviation (sharepoint)

In terms of check in, I’m not sure some people got pulled aside and was eather forced to put them in the sizer or interrogated, it’s not Aer Lingus who dose the check in it was Freebird.
But the airport has some nice stuff and speaking of nice stuff it’s a good time to mention that the airport staff not check in agent are so lovely in fact one even ask to take a selfie with me and an AJet 737-800.

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Guys should i go out to see this

Paw Patrol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I thought I will share some planespotting from Dalaman Airport yesterday. (6/7/2024)

Aircraft Information

There a few things I need to say about all aircraft information

  1. All private Jets during my time here will not be included as it is not on the aircraft database.
  2. Russian airlines will have an Additional reg in brackets which was the registration it had before it was stolen by Russia ((VP-COO) as an example)
  3. Some aircraft are not included as they didn’t have a destination on that date so it won’t be here.

Aer Lingus :ireland: - A320-200 - EI-DEG - To Dublin :ireland:
Southwind Airlines :tr: -777-300 - TC-GRU - To Moscow Sheremetyevo :ru:
Pegasus :tr: -A320 NEO - TC-NCD from Beirut :lebanon: and to Moscow Vnukovo :ru:
Azur Air :ru: -767-300 - RA-73032 (VQ-BSY) to Yekaterinburg :ru:
AJet :tr: - 737-800 - TC-JFJ - To Moscow Vnukovo :ru:
easyJet :uk: - A320NEO - G-UZLD - To Manchester :uk:
British Airways :uk: - A321NEO - G-NEOE - To London Heathrow :uk: (playable airport)
Turkish Airlines :tr: - 737-800 - TC-JVG - To Istanbul :tr:
Sun Express :tr: - 737-800 -TC-SOZ - To Cologne :de:
Smartlynx :latvia: - A320-200 - ES-SAM - To Istanbul (SAW) :tr:
TUI :uk: -737-800 - G-TUKR - To Birmingham :uk:
Jet2 :uk: - 737-800 - G-JZBW - To Bristol :uk:
Transvia :netherlands: -737-800 - PH-HXB - To Amsterdam :netherlands: (diverted to Bodrum :tr:)
Turkish Airlines :tr: - 737-800 - TC-JVE - To Istanbul :tr:
Pegasus :tr: - A321NEO - TC-RDD to Istanbul :tr:


Oh my bad its just that selection of aircraft reminded me of gatwick :joy:

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I also thought he lived near LGW, so not just you. :rofl:

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I do indeed live near Gatwick.

It was a joke that I live in Bristol.
My bad if you didn’t get it

Nevermind its all good I get it now lol :joy:

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Decided to share a pics at DUB when I landed not long ago. The highlights where EC-MUA a Privilege Style 777-200, Avion Express A320 (operate on behalf of TUI Airways UK) ,Air Horizont 737-400, Lufthansa A320-200 with Fanhansa stickers and 2 rugby liverys Aer Lingus aircraft parked next to each other (I was on one of them :grin:) lots of special aircraft at that day. 7/7/2024

I will have to mention is that there is a funny advert for tourists or people to compare bus to parking (an EI A320 looks like when into the ad)

Also the Departure of T2 looks abounded (there was no one here.)


New Airport Ranking 2024


Got to go airside at SeaTac :D.

Also got right up next to the runways, but want to remove audio before uploading cause SO LOUD


Some pics from the first flight that was not included originally (some very nice views during sunset)

The truth about the 2nd flight

Although my 2nd flight was enjoyable there are a few issues with the flight

  1. There was no in-flight service on this flight strangely although I’ve been on flight that they almost ran out of everything especially in the back, on this flight there was no food service at all, but duty free was allowed and when I got the magazine, this is what I got…

    It’s has been Vandalised by whoever had it with a pen on all pages and some where missing, Useless absolutely Useless honestly and they only had a few, one was in the seat next to be (23B) for some reason and nobody saw it.
  2. OMG, that was disgusting. This is why you always where shoes on while entering a toilet on an aircraft, and when someone was bleeding on board (they where fine) this is what they do, they took toilet paper and start to use them and throw them in the floor, and on 99 percent of them, they have blood on them. OMG you guys… I don’t even know if I can show them on the forum.


Wait how did you even get on it? (You probably would still have to go through security anyway)

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Reminded me of some views on my flight back from DUB, we took a really north Atlantic track and got views of Greenland. My brother has a better camera and has better pictures but here are mine:


Mother and grandmother get to fly to MSP today while I’m stuck at work :sob:

I can’t track them because of it, could one of yall do it, it’s the currently active sun country flight between BOI-MSP, thanks

OH apparently there’s a neptune bae146 at Boise


Related to an internship I’m doing

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You have any pics from the flight to DUB?

Mostly planespotting at STN, but also takeoff and landing videos that I can take frames from as photos.


Hopefully you have pic of when you flew right over my house. Got pics

Not the best tho, I’ll probably get another camera as it’s ageing a bit.


Well that was surprising.

Ignore the pic quality.
Managed to catch this Delta A350-900 (N571DZ) from Atlanta :us: between 4000ft and 3000ft

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