Realistic fueling

Can we have it so deboarding and cleaning must be performed before fueling, and boarding, baggage load, and food service must wait until fueling is finished? This would make it more realistic and align it with real-world procedures. You would have to adjust the available turnaround timeslots, of course, but I think it would be worth it.

I agree. That would be great

The fuel truck is present while the counter runs but is only actively pumping at times when it’s permitted to do so. At all other times while the refueling timer is running, the fuelers are just inspecting their equipment and doing paperwork.

In reality fueling happens simultaneously with deboarding/boarding, and catering, and loading/unloading. There are procedures in place in the real world to allow this to happen, minimising any delays in the turnaround is important to real world performance and we should keep the game as is.

You will often notice the seat belts signs are off during boarding with an accompnying annoucement that the aircraft is currently being refuelled.

Maybe an option to turn it on and off?


Maybe even

  • add in random aircraft mechanical and lavatory delays (for hours and days),
  • computer malfunctions (shut the entire airport),
  • cabin worker strikes and slow downs (delay departures),
  • rail shutdowns (fewer pax),
  • poor de-icing (forcing planes to return to a free gate),
  • (the devs did a great job covering the Russian invasion of Ukraine)

I think this is good so it elongates the amount of time to work the turnaround times, especially if you have over 50 planes.


As they don’t want emergencies ingame this would be a good option

Also maybe rejected takeoffs and go-arounds?

I don’t know about “they”, as far as I know it’s just one or two users on the forum here who are vocal against emergencies.

are the devs. See also