Realistic L Contracts

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I am currently trying to provide BRI, MCT, SAN and NGO with at least realistic L and X contracts. I don’t want to meticulously search out every contract.

I only found a few at FR24. Since there aren’t that many overall, I’ll try my luck here.

Do you have a list or a source? I can’t find anything for BRI, for example. Maybe more in summer

For SAN I only found 4 L contracts. LH from MUC, BA from LHR, Hawaiian from HNL and Japan Airlines from NRT

For SAN, those are the only 4

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Google/wikipedia will work for LHR because anything long haul will be L and X

For BRI, L contracts don’t exist in real life, so you won’t find anything there

LHR is completely finished, I have done a lot of work there. The only contracts that are missing are those that do not yet exist in WOA.

Thanks for the answer about BRI, that saved me some work.

MCT and NGO should be easier.

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For SAN, don’t forget the UA B772 that flies daily to IAD (just use the B77W for now)!
It also has an occasional sub in of a Delta A332 from DTW. It was more so a thing during Covid with the surplus of wide bodies being used domestically, but has been as recent as late last year.
Also, not sure if you only mean PAX, but SAN also gets nearly daily if not daily Fed Ex and UPS cargo flights from IND, MEM, and SDF (B763, but I just use the A306F in place for now).


Thank you for your detailed answer!
That helps me a lot!


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Did you do the realistic routes for SXM yet? Love all the work you have put into this. Thanks for all you do.

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Not yet. Just got realistic M and L contracts.

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Oh okay, thanks.

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