Recieving Notifications while in game

I don’t know if this has something to do with the software (Androids 2018 one I think) but not receiving notifications can be a bit annoying. You’re playing casually and you finish up but you don’t know your connection sent you a plane and you miss it entirely and then they cancel it just for that really sTuPID reason is/can be somewhat annoying. Me being paranoid to almost everything I get paranoid at the thought of that happening…

This is a Software related code, the Devs need to implate a way to push notifications while the game is running in the foreground. Just like how you still get notifications even while using Instagram.

Its nothing to do with the OS (Android)

I do feel you tho, hence I suggested a Inbound and Outbound Player Connection Chart here:

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Having to check the radar every time can be annoying when you aren’t expecting…