Rel 1.40.4 Bug Reports

Please report any new bugs found after you have downloaded the new update.

This thread will be locked until update is released.

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Not fixed

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At SAN I have 2 arrival slots at startup. One disappears after clicking it.
I never activated the second slot.


Nice Halloween skin.

This is a bug thread.

Problem with destination FRA Frankfurt in PRG Prague
2 B777F, and no A306.

It’s also a bug
@Dragoner it’s a bug that makes the game think it’s an a340-300 instead of the 600, it’s because of you either accepted it before update, or it’s bugged, I’m testing it as I’m saying this

You doubled the DHL 777
Not an actual bug
Or the game decided to double idk

I stand corrected. On second glance it definately looks weird.

It’s meant to be a virgin atlantic plane but it’s classed as a 343 instead of 346 been happening to everyone

Still cannot stop any MCT L planes at BRI and PRG.
(I can stop MCT L planes in SAN, NGO and IAD)

Its classic bug. Before update there was 2 different B777f. After update as i understand 1 b777f was changed for a306. I before update opened all arrival slots. And logically, one of my opened 777f slot have to be change to new a306 slot, instead it’s double left old 777f slot. This bug happend, because game doesn’t did script right. Logically when update go production, there are have to be few script’s for changing arrival slots for new one, depend from open/close arrival slots, which slots, etc., and looks like some of this script’s doesn’t worked as expected.

Yeah that makes sense, it’s something that there should be provisions for

Because there is no arrivals from mct after the update, I don’t have an possible arrivals

And this is PRG when I selected MCT L planes. 2 arrivals got 3 different plane. I had no idea whats wrong with it.

When I played NGO today, when I try to speed up with the speed up button it still goes really slow. But without using it it takes like 3 secs to move 1 sec down. With the speed up boost it takesbthe usal no boost time of 1 second.

I am not dumb, I just wanted to make it a little funny, thanks for ruining it.