Should I early unlock another airport?

Right now I am in Prague and I am close to getting the third star but I thought about early unlocking another airport. I would be able to buy enough GP to buy Muscat soon. Do you recommend early-unlocking an airport?

Maybe I recommed you finsih PRG first but if you want to buy MCT it’s your choice

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Sometime only playing one airport is a bit boring so I thought having two airports would be cool and not that boring

I play on two airports ( INN and BRI ) but for now my focus is to close INN to go in BRI, so maybe you should close PRG and after that to choose another one.

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MCT I don’t recommended, due to the awful taxiing. LHR is way better
LEJ is also cool if you want a lot of cargo


What exactly is bad with the taxiing?

I did the opposite… I bought gold coins with real money and unlocked IAD, SAN DIEGO, MUSCAT, NGO, LEJ, SXM AND LHR. I had already advanced INN, Prague and Bari now I have finished San Diego, iad, NGO and Muscat I am in LEJ And the truth is more entertaining


That would also be cool but I don’t want to spend money

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I took it as a choice that way since I had still managed to unlock IAd for free and since I was in a hurry since I really wanted to have the other airports at once buy my gold coins with real money so I also support the developers since they also make a living from it, and I always do this, as a way to support them Buying gold coins with real money to acquire new contracts at my airports as well as supporting the game developers

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If you get either IAD or LHR you can rack up SP rather quickly, which you can then convert into GP to buy any other airports, planes or liveries you desire.

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Nothings bad if you optimize the runway and stands at the airport well. I have been playing MCT since long before 2.0 and have a fleet of 115 planes there. LHR sure is faster but it takes a lot of time to empty the airport which I personally dont have everyday.
And with future updates to the taxi system I expect a thing or two to change. And it will be one of the closest airports to SYD which is coming in a couple of months and hence will be of great use to send planes to people who will start playing SYD.

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I don’t want to early unlock LHR because it is in Europe and all Airports I played so far are in Europe, so I would prefer an airport which is not in Europe. And I don’t want to unlock IAD cuz I am already quite close to unlocking it in PRG, which means it would be a sort of wasted money.

I get that, your money, your decision. If so I were you with your thinking, I would just grind out PRG until you unlock IAD, maybe playing BRI and INN in-between to stop you getting hored.

I’m just putting ideas out there, but it is entirely your choice.

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If you don’t care about the number of RWYs, then I would recommend the NGO or SAN. Relatively clear airports and with the new remodels they are a lot of fun!

If you want to try out 2 RWYs, then IAD or MCT are possible.

I personally find SXM very tedious, M and L planes take forever to land, so levelling up is very time consuming, as nice as the airport is, but it’s where I play the least. If future updates were to fix the fact that at least M-Planes take the first RWY exit (like IRL), it would be a lot more fun!

I also find MCT very exhausting at the moment, because at 50% of the gates ALL aircraft take the last exit. This also costs time when levelling up (or you only play with 50% of the other half)

I still hope for improvement through future taxi system updates by the Tower Manger.

So I would personally recommend NGO or SAN, wait for SYD, IAD with the remodel and wait for general updates regarding taxi systems.

Or you can just buy everything :wink:



Source: @TechnocraticAviation


Takes them ages to get off the runway as show above

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Thank you for your detailed thoughts, I will keep that in mind.

There is no correct answer to your question.
If there is a correct answer, it is your own choice.
No matter what decision you make, if you can enjoy the game, that’s the answer :smile:

The answer is hidden in your answer.
Looking at your reply, MCT airport looks close to the answer.
In my case, I held on to PRG airport to complete the level so that I don’t use the money. As a result, I opened the lAD airport.
But looking back, I had to endure boredom at PRG airport until I opened lAD airport.
It wasn’t about enjoying the game.
Regardless of the reason other users said in the comments, if you want to purely enjoy this game, the answer may be to open the MCT airport.

We’re trying to enjoy the game :smile:

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Thank you all for your detailed feedback. As no one really talked positively about Muscat, I will most likely not unlock it. I will save my Golden Planes for either the Premium Pass in IAD or for SYD.


M planes at SXM don’t take the first exit in real life. I spend a few days at the airport for planespotting and B737s and Delta B757s all take the second exit like how it is in the game. The exit manouvre in the game is exactly the same as in real life.


someone who lives there described it a little differently and showed me a screenshot from FR24

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