Slow landing rate


Hi all i just want to ask a question if this is happening with me or with everyone after the new update 2.0 now we have to land and make take off’s manually previously we just have to set the ratio of arrivals and departures which was cool now with the manual process i feel it slows down the rate of arrival and departure i wana ask if this is happening will others too or iam using wrong approach. Thanks

It’s everyone, devs changed it with v2, they are looking at potentially providing a more automated option in a future update. But for now this is how it is going to be.
You can actually speed up arrivals a little going the manual route because you can load up the gates on the incoming aircraft and land them all in succession. Just requires a change in thinking

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Planes stay on the ground longer and give increasingly better rewards which compensates for the (very slightly) longer arrival time. Airports are noticeably more full than in the previous version.

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can u explain this “Plain stays longer gives better rewards”. Actually this is another confusion sometimes i got claim reward button and some times it gives button like Taxi to Runway.

Contracts have levels. First is 1, when you complete that you get a reward, then you upgrade the contract and you need 2 flights to complete. When you do that you get a slightly bigger reward, repeat this and each one increases, so 3, 4 up to a max of 10, each Time you complete. Rewards go up after the required = of flights
Player contracts as automatically set to 10


this means i can determine the level of contract by the number of flights i have to do to complete the contract. Lets say iam on 5th level of my contract so i have to complete 5 flights to achieve next level of contract.

it also happens some times we got red dots which means we delayed handling procedures do they impact number of xps.

Individually the red dots do not affect it. However if you notice the meter above the dots that goes from red on the left to green on the right.
If you stay in the green you will get full rewards and move on to the next level.
If you end up in yellow, you will extend the contract but miss out on the rewards and redo it.
If you end up in red your contract will be terminated by the system

Just bring back the priority button and let the Tower do its job. I shouldn’t have to manually tell a plane sitting at the hold line with zero incoming that he can now depart…

I think some iteration of that is being worked on, but I am not sure it will come back in it’s original form

Thanks alot this pretty much explains all.

Yaa i was way handy…

is there any impact on contract if we land planes with delay. Lets suppose they have requested to land but we keep them in air for long, landing other plains and doing other ground stuff e.g servicing parked planes does this impact the contract rating.

Nope, no impact at all