Some Noob Questions regarding BRI

I currently have 2 S stands 1 M stand and 1 L stand; 3 passenger buses, 3 cleaning units, 2 catering trucks, 3 fueling trucks, 1 lavatory unit, 1 water unit and 1 cargo unit.

  1. with these current equipment and stands, what is the best next purchase, should i go for more S, M
    or L stands(if so which one) or upgrade my handling

  2. What does the terminal do? it says 6 M stands, are these stands any different from regular M stands
    ( do they have sky bridges). Should i save up for this as soon as possible or better to leave it for

  3. Cargo. are these important and should i be investing in these slots, at INN i didn’t purchase any
    cargo stands so I am not aware of its use or value

  4. I have 2 golden airplanes, should i spend them now for the 10k and buy more items because
    currently I am spending a lot of time just waiting for my planes to finish handling to make any money

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Good morning, try to invest in the routes that give the most value, for example there are 3 routes of the M planes that give more money, buy 3 M planes, have 4 L airplanes that give more income, buy 4 planes and you can buy the cargo stands, that the return is greater than the S passenger planes, sometimes investing in all routes when we are in the beginning hinders the faster development of the airport

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I believe you are talking about making money with my fleet, however I don’t own any planes in BRI yet so this is not an option yet


I think he is saying save up for your own fleet

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To answer your questions:

1)I prefer to upgrade handling first, so that there’s a faster turnover of planes, which equals more money. Then, invest in M, L/XL stand. To be frank, don’t invest in S stands.

2)Terminals are exactly like you said, they have sky bridges. Even if you unlock terminals, the M stands aren’t unlocked. You have to save up more money AFTER your terminal purchase in order to purchase the 6 M stands.

3)Definitely invest in cargo stands, although it takes longer to service, they rewards are far better than passenger planes of the same tier. Once again, because cargo planes take longer to service, upgrading your service cars is probably the move.

4)Regarding golden planes, different people like to use it in different ways, so I wll just give my take on what I would do. Considering that it’s taking you a long time to service planes, it might be wise to convert the golden planes to money and upgrade your services. However, in the long run, you should save up your golden planes so you can unlock planes for your own fleet.


Thank you, I will consider these tips when playing :slight_smile:

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Agree with @tako18126 but i would add a few small details while also replying to some of your unanwsered questions.

  1. Handling speed first. My suggestion is mainly invest in M stands. Do not buy the terminal before buying all 4 remote M stands because as tako said you need more money after buying terminal. Until you have around 6-8 M stands i advise not investing in L stands because until you max out all your handling they are very slow to service.
  2. Invest in cargo because it needs very little servicing equipment. Also the cargo loader is very cheap to buy and upgrade. Max its speed out because cargo servicing takes ages otherwise.
  3. Listen to tako. Sell your golden planes because that 20k is going to do wonders for you in the early game. Do not spend it all at once because you might miss something (for ex. you buy slots but forget service equipment). There are plenty of ways to earn gold planes later on, but worry about that later, we already gave you a bunch of info to memorise :slight_smile:

What id like to add in the end: as @B4RRERITA said, getting your own giant fleet is the ultimate goal. I suggest, as i did it, max out airport completely (S stands as well coz why not) and then buy 2 S planes so that you can farmiliarise yourself with how they work. Also a few destinations are S class exclusive so thats another benefit.
When it comes to picking a plane, its personal preference. I think undoutably the best is the BAe146 since it has speed and also best capacity. I strongly advise you do not get the ATR as a mainline plane. It has its uses later on but in the beggining its not the best value plane i wpuld say. The CRJ i havent used so idk. Some like it some dont. As i said, ultimately your choice


Thank You so much, was very helpful.

I used the golden planes as you guys suggested and boy did it boost my progress. :slight_smile: